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Geelong Sandblasting Contractor

Geelong Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we have vast experience in powder coating. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are working with a highly skilled team. Moreover, the sandblasting contractor in Geelong provides different colours. Hence we give you the ideal finish for your needs. Our team efficiently sandblasts a rusty or new component.

    We prepare the surface and coat with our quality powder coating system. Our company uses a temperature-controlled spray booth. Additionally, we use the latest coating technology. As a result, we attain outstanding outcomes. Powder coating looks incredible and offers a long-lasting and durable finish. Because of this, your metal remains protected for years. We have different textures and colours, and we can provide whatever fancies your imagination!

    Brilliant sandblasting services

    New steel might appear moisture and corrosion-free. However, it may be entrenched in the minor irregularities in the surface of the materials. Conventional techniques of preparation and keying, such as surface grinding do not penetrate these small recesses. But our sandblasting procedure does. The sandblasting contractor in Geelong uses very high pressure to fire unique abrasive material at the surface. It removes the following effectively:

    • Corrosion
    • Deeply embedded moisture
    • Small pieces of debris

    This technique of preparing metal is highly effective when we use it on worn and rusted steel items. It includes outdoor metalwork. We prepare the surface perfectly after effectively sandblasting a rusty or new component. After this, we use our effective powder coating method to coat it. We use the latest powder coating technology. Additionally, we use a temperature-controlled spray booth. As a result, we attain outstanding outcomes.

    Gates, screens and security doors

    Security in business premises continues to be a crucial matter in Australia. In light of this, we offer various affordable steps. It gives you peace of mind because your property and occupants remain safe. Australian Construction specialises in all kinds of finishing and fabrication services. Furthermore, we are skilled in manufacturing different highly effective and lovely products like:

    Our experienced team only uses the ideal components and metals to fabricate our security products. In addition, we finish everything immaculately using our powder coating and sandblasting facilities. We custom-build our security gates, screens and doors. For this reason, they provide a secure and perfect fit each time.

    What does sandblasting involve?

    Sandblasting means pushing tiny pieces of material at extremely high speed to etch or clean a surface. There are various types of granular material for this process. All these materials have different properties and benefits, and we use them for different kinds of metals.


    There are different reasons why we use this method for your metal project like:

    • It eliminates rust, oil and mill scale that accumulates on the surface of the steel sections that are newly manufactured.
    • We can use this same medium several times for sandblasting. Hence it is a reusable asset. It helps to reduce the price of the procedure. For this reason, it is an economical option.
    • The sandblasting contractor in Geelong also uses this process to remove other kinds of dangerous surface contaminants. It includes oil and dirt spots that might be inaccessible if you want to remove the particles with your hands as you clean the metal surface.
    • It is a long and challenging process to clean the metal surface manually. The reason is that it needs significant human effort. But when you use sandblasting, it hastens the whole process. In addition, the machine operator does not use a lot of energy.
    • This technique is highly efficient in removing old paint from the metal’s surface. We do this before we apply another coat of paint to this area. In addition, it is beneficial because it removes any challenging dirt particles which might be stuck to the surface of the metal before we start painting.
    • We have various options for the medium we use in sandblasting process. Our options include biodegradable substances like walnut shells and steel grit. We specially manufacture the steel grit.

    So you can choose depending on what suits you best. It depends on your requirements.


    • We remove all the surface oxidation during this process. As a result, the metal is exposed and susceptible to air moisture. It ensures we keep the product in a dry environment after we sandblast.
    • Our team avoids getting anything inside their eyes as they work with small particles.
    • Be careful to avoid getting anything inside your eyes or other orifices while working.


    Australian Construction provides sandblasting solutions and this process gives you many benefits because it leaves your metal polished and shiny. Our competent team follows suitable blasting steps. In addition, they take every precaution when working. Consequently, this method gives your metal surface a smooth and shiny appearance.

    Please call us today for the best sandblasting solutions in Geelong!