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Gladstone Sandblasting Contractor

Gladstone Sandblasting Contractor

    Mobile sandblasting

    Australian Construction uses abrasive blasting to most existing surfaces to remove membrane or paint coatings applied previously. The sandblasting contractor in Gladstone sandblasts internal and external areas. In light of this, we effectively blast existing:

    • Walls
    • Membranes
    • Buildings
    • Plaster surfaces
    • Painted buildings

    Hence we remove the previous surfaces and apply new finishes. We use different blasting techniques. Our services are available for commercial businesses in Gladstone. The sandblasting contractor in Gladstone uses other abrasive blasting methods. We are specialists in:

    Paint removal

    Does your existing render or brick surface need resurfacing or renovating? In that case, we provide an abrasive blasting procedure. This process is fast and effective. We use different blast mediums for preparing the surface.

    As a result, we can apply new finishes providing a permanent solution. For years we have painted other rendered and brick surfaces with various coatings. In light of this, we use abrasive coatings to remove the previous layer. It ensures the new application bonds to the underlying surface permanently.

    Timber blasting

    You might have fire damaged, stained or previously painted timber. Under these circumstances, we sandblast to remove the existing coatings. Consequently, we restore the original timbers to new ones.

    Our team widely uses the blasting procedure in ageing warehouse-type structures. Heavy hardwood timbers are used in beams, posts and roof trusses. Blasting timber gets rid of old paints that have lasted many years. Therefore it restores the original wood.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Australian Construction has consistently delivered superior quality services in Gladstone. For this reason, we are highly trusted in the industry because we can help with all the requirements for concrete sandblasting.

    Concrete sandblasting applications

    • Surface preparation
    • Coating removal
    • Non-slip applications
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Decorative concrete finishes

    Please talk to our team of specialists today. They will be happy to suggest the best solution for your project.

    Decorative finishes

    We treat a concrete surface with sandblasting to provide customised designs and finishes.

    Our services for decorative concrete finishes include:

    • Blasting custom patterns or designs depending on your needs
    • Blasting company text and logos into your concrete surface
    • Decorative stencil patterns; we can blast creations into your surfaces like feature walls, driveways and concrete paths.
    • Completely tailor-made patterned finishes
    • Exposing concrete using sandblasting

    Exposing aggregate using concrete sandblasting presents a strong architectural finish method. This solution is ideal for most commercial surfaces like:

    • Facades and walls for vertical applications
    • Floors
    • Sidewalks
    • Driveways
    • Public areas, hospitals and schools

    Exposed aggregate surfaces are not only decorative but also functional. Due to this, they are attractive, durable and weather the test of time. In addition, they offer maximum slip resistance. 

    Coat removal & surface preparation

    We provide blasting solutions to remove existing surface coatings. For example, we handle graffiti, surface membranes and paint. Additionally, the sandblasting contractor in Gladstone gets rid of different surface contaminants. Also, we use blasting surfaces as an efficient method of preparing the surface before we apply new coatings.

    In other words, we can clear any debris from your project site. Moreover, we maintain the highest environmental standards when working. Our highly qualified and insured experts operate quality equipment. More importantly, we are proud of being 100% OHS compliant.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Although the procedure is known as concrete sandblasting, we do not use sand. Concrete sandblasting presents a kind of abrasive blasting for the surface texturing of rough concrete. We use a stream of abrasive materials to treat a surface under high pressure during this process. The impact of the blast depends on the needs of the surface we are treating. For example, we use heavy, medium or light impacts. This procedure has several industrial applications.

    This method is very effective in surface preparation, keying or roughening a surface. There are several different abrasive agents we use safely for concrete blasting. Choosing a suitable abrasive depends on the specific project and finish you want.

    Steel abrasive painting & blasting

    Australian Construction has vast experience in sandblasting and abrasive blasting. In this regard, our skilled team deals with all kinds of steel structures, equipment and plant. In other words, we blast according to different surface specifications.

    As a result, it assures you that we have prepared the surface correctly. Hence we can now apply the new coatings. We provide a complete service for using all kinds of protective coatings and paints. Therefore we offer our clients a one-stop solution.

    Concrete sandblasting for decorative finishes

    We sandblast all kinds of concrete surfaces, producing different finishes depending on the project’s needs. Consequently, we offer a light blast, creating a smooth velvet finish. Meanwhile, we use a heavier blast to create the exposed aggregate appearance. We use steel stencils to provide all patterns, which we etch into the concrete surface.


    All surfaces that need refurbishment require surface removal or preparation. Because of this, Australian Construction offers a solution to all project requirements. For instance, we provide abrasive blasting, chemical removal and UHP water blasting. It does not matter how long the coating has lasted or the number of layers it comprises. Regardless, our expert team can deliver.

    We look forward to hearing from you today about your sandblasting needs!