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Hervey Bay Sandblasting Contractor

Hervey Bay Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction has vast experience in paint removal and abrasive blasting. Moreover, the sandblasting contractor in Hervey Bay is skilled in protective coat needs. Therefore, our team has the expertise to handle any sized jobs. Abrasive grit blasting is also known as grit blasting, garnet blasting, or shot blasting.

     It is also referred to as sandblasting and involves driving a flow of abrasive metal forcefully against a surface using high pressure. This process makes a rough surface smooth. In addition, it removes surface contaminants or makes a smooth surface rough.

    Our mobile sandblasters team is experienced in on-site work. Due to this, we rank top in Hervey Bay among the mobile sandblasting companies. We offer superior abrasive blasting services. In addition, our prices are affordable. More importantly, our team delivers on time.

    We service the following industries and more:

    • Parks
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Marine
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas

    Quality sandblasting services

    The sandblasting contractor in Hervey Bay provides painting and sandblasting services to:

    • Concrete
    • Timber
    • External and internal tanks
    • Buildings
    • Brick
    • Structural steel
    • Machinery

    Our main goal when sandblasting is to get rid of surface contaminants, rust and old coatings. Consequently, we leave your surface clean and strong. Hence it enables us to now re-apply paint. For years we have delivered projects successfully to:

    • Government agencies
    • Local councils
    • Construction firms
    • Manufacturing firms

    Our team uses environmentally safe paint removal methods. Hence we do not damage the surface. So our abrasive blasting services are ideal for your project. Sandblasting is best for all kinds of paint removal. Additionally, we use this technique for surface preparation and paint removal. In other words, it is a highly effective technique.

    Our sandblasting contractor in Hervey Bay uses various sandblasting media. For example, we use:

    • Walnut shell
    • Corn cob
    • Glass beads
    • Staurolite
    • Aluminium oxide

    We use different mediums and handpick various particle sizes for every media. In light of this, our team only picks what is ideal for your project. Australian Construction provides a 24-hour service. It means we do not mind working every day of the week and on holidays. Hence we deliver your project on time.

    Our dry grit blasting presents a wonderful solution for your steel surfaces; it prepares the surfaces for painting afterwards. As a result, your surface becomes smooth and clean. We also use it to give surfaces like concrete a decorative finish. Our sandblasting technique is environmentally friendly. So it is better than other paint removal methods where harsh chemicals are used.

    We mainly use the following dry sandblasting methods:

    • Glass blasting
    • Grit blasting
    • Bead blasting
    • Shot blasting
    • Garnet sandblasting

    Our dry sandblasting technique sandblasting /method are best for cleaning surfaces that need coating or painting. We use this method to prepare substrates that need:

    • Waterproofing
    • Painting
    • Powder coating
    • Adhesion for tiling on concrete areas
    • Rubber lining
    • Electroplating  and more

    Before we apply the protective coatings, we provide a simple blowdown to prevent flash rusting. In addition, we use it to handle different projects part from steel. For instance, we work on render, bricks, concrete and other areas where we use wet blasting. Mainly we use this technique to blast words or graphics into concrete surfaces.

    In this regard, we use aqua or laser cut steel stencils to offer visually attractive architectural outcomes. Another advantage this method has over wet sandblasting is that it does not form any water runoff that requires cleaning. Given this, there is no wastage of water.

    Dry sandblasting creates dust, and we use different methods to contain it. For instance, we blast in a booth, erect encapsulation and use dust extraction systems. We use different abrasive media for dry grit blasting like:

    • Staurolite
    • Copper slag
    • Garnet
    • Steel shot
    • Steel grit
    • Aluminium oxide
    • Crushed glass and many more

     Are you unsure of the blast media to use for your project? In that case, please speak to our friendly painting and sandblasting experts. They will give you advice on the ideal solution.

    Abrasive blasting

    We specialise in concrete blasting for the following:

    • Render
    • Brick
    • Pavement
    • Buildings
    • Kerbs
    • Wet areas
    • Walls

    Concrete sandblasting or concrete shot blasting describes an abrasive blasting method. We use this technique to expose the aggregate on concrete areas to make the surface non-slip. In addition, we sandblast concrete to eliminate grime, dirt or coatings. Furthermore, we sandblast concrete to remove graffiti. Mostly we place the coloured rocks in the concrete mix. After sandblasting, these lovely colours stand out.

    There are many advantages of exposed aggregate finish like:

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Forms a non-slip surface
    • Can expose whatever area you need
    • It provides a level aggregate exposure

    The production rate is high. Each day, it means that we can blast about 500 square metres depending on the sandblasting machine.


    The Australian Construction concrete sandblasters team removes all kinds of coatings from rendered brick or concrete surfaces. For this, we use dry sandblasting or wet sandblasting. We remove coatings from these surfaces, restoring the surface to its natural state, uncoated. The process also prepares the surface to enable us to apply new coatings. Our team uses concrete grit blasting to remove damaged or old sealers from surfaces like paths or driveways.

    Whatever your requirement we are your best choice so please talk to us today!