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Hobart Sandblasting Contractor

Hobart Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we carry out surface preparation, abrasive blasting and restoration. Our services are available throughout Hobart. We provide sandblasting services and conventional blasting systems. Moreover, our sandblasting contractor in Hobart offers environmentally friendly and low-impact sandblasting solutions.

    We also provide onsite commercial surface preparation and removal services. Our team uses high tech abrasive soda blasting and high-pressure water blasting. We also offer dustless blasting and concrete sandblasting. In addition, we offer glass bead and conventional grit blasting techniques.


    The sandblasting contractor in Hobart has vast experience. In other words, we are a leading company in Hobart because of our quality surface preparation and sandblasting solutions. We not only handle major projects but small jobs as well. Our firm adheres to best practice guidelines for every project. More importantly, we minimise impact and waste on the environment.

    Soda blasting

    Our soda blasting service presents a mild type of abrasive blasting. It enables you to restore surfaces that would not otherwise handle traditional grit blasting. The sandblasting contractor in Hobart uses top-notch soda blasting methods. Because of this, we can restore delicate surfaces to their previous state.

    Glass blasting

    Glass or bead blasting involves using small parts of soda-lime glass (lead-free). It is among the most extensive media we use in abrasive blasting. Furthermore, this material is safe for humans and the surrounding environment. In this regard, it is safer than traditional blasting methods. Hence we can use it in environmentally sensitive regions. We offer various expert sandblasting and abrasive blasting services in Hobart. We use top quality abrasive materials and the ideal surface preparation for more restoration. Consequently, we meet your blasting needs.

    Expert industrial and commercial sandblasting

    Australian Construction is skilled in industrial and commercial sandblasting. In addition, we have the expertise to undertake abrasive blasting. Our services are available in the road and rail, heavy industries and mining industries. We have worked with major commercial builders, and we use strict guidelines. Additionally, we follow safety protocols. Because of this, we meet the safety standards. As a result, we deliver our industrial blasting projects quickly, safely and efficiently.

    Eco-friendly blasting services

    One risk of industrial sandblasting is its environmental effect. Some heavy machinery blasting methods use various materials that can harm the surroundings. However, at Australian Construction, we use superior industrial blasting materials. Moreover, we use the newest equipment.

    Consequently, it reduces waste and effects on the local habitat. Our competent team has the essential qualifications and permits for all industrial and commercial works. The sandblasting contractor in Hobart has specialised knowledge. We use various blasting methods, equipment and material.

    Tough, abrasive blasting

    Heavy industry & mining equipment

    Heavy industry and mining equipment need frequent maintenance to maintain efficacy. It includes the various moving sections and external finishes that have exposure to corrosive environments. To eliminate corrosion and exterior damage to prepare for repair, we can blast:

    • Any heavy machinery parts
    • Regular site vehicles
    • Tippers
    • Dozers
    • Loaders

    Australian Construction works with your industrial and commercial team. We ensure we implement all OH&S standards on site or remove the equipment from the site. Also, if you want, we provide environmental impact statements. It ensures we surpass our industrial blasting eco-standards.

    Concrete sandblasting

    Ideal concrete finishes

    Sandblasting concrete describes an abrasive blasting method. We use it to blast away concrete, exposing the aggregate under it; it produces a rough surface finish. Additionally, we design the procedure to remove paint, dirt, or graffiti quickly. The blasting level is different and depends on the state of the concrete. Also, we consider the results you want, and our concrete sandblasters are skilled in assessing textured surfaces carefully. We draw up a highly effective and efficient plan to deliver optimum reconditioning.

    As time goes by, wear and tear leads to an irregular ratio between cement and stone. Due to this, the aggregate becomes under-exposed. We use heavy blasts to restore concrete to its original condition. The process is best in built-up regions, and we use a whip last for an excellent finish of exposed aggregate concrete. Sandblasting is an effective method of restoring your concrete. For example, it is perfect for concrete driveways, columns and concrete patio walls.

    It is also great for sandblasting paint from concrete and floors. Generally, sandblasting concrete is essential when stones are buried under the cement. After the restored finish, the stones become visible. Additionally, a rough texture forms and the ratio of the stone and cement becomes even. For this reason, our abrasive blasting media is best for restoring your concrete surfaces to the concrete surface finishes you want.


    Australian Construction provides different expert abrasive and sandblasting services. These solutions are best for any surface texture or material that needs reconditioning. For instance, we apply these solutions to heavy industrial equipment and mining. Our expert team strips dirt, grime and paint and strips all unwanted substances depending on your personal needs. Our company uses top-quality industry grit and abrasive media. Due to this, we ensure we meet your specific blasting demands. In the end, we successfully deliver a blasting job with top standards and an outstanding surface finish.

    We look forward to hearing from you today about our great sandblasting solutions!