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Melton Sandblasting Contractor

Melton Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction offers quality sandblasting services. This solution is effective in cleaning, repairing and preserving all types of materials. Moreover, our sandblasting contractor in Melton offers blasting solutions for all types of metal, glass or wood. Our services are effective in preparing the surface. The sandblasting solutions defeat corrosion, wear and tear and toxic chemicals. More importantly, we provide affordable services.

    We offer various expert abrasive and sandblasting services. These solutions are ideal for any surface texture or material that needs reconditioning. For example, we serve the mining and marine sectors. In addition, we sandblast heavy industrial equipment.

    Quality services

    The sandblasting contractor in Melton strips dirt, grime and paint. Our experienced team ensures they meet every client’s needs. We use top quality industry abrasive and grit media in light of this. It ensures we deliver according to the specific blasting needs.

    Consequently, we successfully deliver blasting projects using top standards for a fine surface finish. But we do not only design sandblasting to eliminate rusty components. Instead, we also use it to prepare surfaces for more treatment. For example, we prepare surfaces before adding one coat of paint. Our abrasive services involve:

    • Graffiti removal
    • Concrete stencilling
    • Dustless blasting
    • Concrete sandblasting
    • Glass bead blasting
    • Marine blasting
    • Paint stripping
    • Machinery blasting
    • Soda blasting
    • Steel sandblasting

    What does sandblasting involve?

    Most people consider sandblasting as a kind of ‘abrasive blasting.’ But these two are different because they involve various kinds of blasting methods and technologies. Sandblasting and abrasive blasting are cleaning methods we use for surface preparation.

    We use abrasive media for abrasive blasting. For example, we use bicarbonate of soda or glass beads. Additionally, we use plastic media against your surface materials. On the other hand, we use fine sand for sandblasting.

    For coarse surfaces, abrasive blasting might need more complex media. Despite this, it cannot damage the material because we use suitable procedures. Moreover, the sandblasting contractor in Melton uses suitable abrasive particle sizes on the specific material texture. For instance, we design glass bead blasting for stainless steel. So we follow your specific needs when using abrasive blasting on coarse and fine finishes.

    Sandblasting involves using compressed steam or air under high pressure to propel sand. It smoothens a rough surface to prepare it and recondition it. Using pressures of sand for surface reconditioning is ideal because the abrasive grit we use cannot damage the material.

    It is unlike the impact caused by the usual types of surface preparation.  We use a nozzle to direct the sand abrasive during our blasting procedure. In light of this, our qualified and skilled sandblasters use this method for surfaces that need cleaning.

    Benefits of sandblasting:

    • The coating life dramatically increases.
    • As a result, you acquire a fine surface finish to which all types of coatings can bond.

    We appreciate, however, that every blasting method we use is specific to the blasting need. The sandblasting contractor in Melton follows Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act & Regulations in Australia.

    Given this, our team uses specialised technologies. In addition, we use specialised sandblasting methods. We consider the kind of surface that we need to blast or equipment and the surrounding where we will undertake the blasting.

    More importantly, our services are eco-friendly, so we consider all blasting & abrasive media impacts on the surrounding. We also consider how we can prevent those impacts. Not only do we use superior quality standards, but we are also proud of having built a strong reputation in the last few years. We deliver top quality sandblasting solutions in Melton!

    Methods of sandblasting

    Australian Construction uses various blasting methods. Hence we deliver different looks, and it depends on the material. It also depends on the surface preparation we want to achieve.

    We use silica sand (finely ground) to smoothen a faulty surface material during our sandblasting procedures. There are various blasting levels we use to remove the surface top layer that needs blasting. For example, we use:

    • Heavy
    • Medium
    • Light blasting for extra removal of the layer

    Our team uses an air-pressurised tank or compressed air-pressure tank to fire the sand out with high impact for the above procedure. For this, we use a large hose and blast nozzle at a suitable surface. As a result, you acquire a fine surface to receive more treatment.

    High quality sandblasting in Melton

    Our sandblasting method prepares unwanted or rough surfaces for additional treatment. For instance, treatments like:

    • Rubber bonding
    • Galvanising
    • Powder coating
    • Ceramic coating
    • Electroplating, etc

    Some of our most popular durable solutions are:

    Concrete sandblasting

    Most of our clients hire us for exposed aggregate and textured looks that concrete blasting offers. Our concrete blasting solutions present the perfect concrete finishes, whether graffiti, grime, dirt or uneven texture. We use top industry standard blasting grit to handle rough surfaces of:

    • Concrete patio
    • Exposed aggregate
    • Concrete stairs
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Shopping centres
    • Parking lots and many more


    The Australian Construction concrete sandblasting is safe and effective. The reason is that our fine grit travels at high velocity. Due to this, it produces friction on the concrete surface we are preparing without causing any damage.

    Please talk to us today for the best sandblasting services in Melton!