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Launceston Sandblasting Contractor

Launceston Sandblasting Contractor

    Do you own an industrial firm or specialised equipment? If so, you may need heavy-duty sandblasting or spray painting. It resurfaces and coats, hence preventing your equipment from rusting. In light of this, Australian Construction specialises in protective industrial coatings, abrasive blasting and sandblasting. Our sandblasting contractor in Launceston provides these services for industrial, commercial and mining operators in this region. We prolong the life of your equipment and enhance its appearance with high-quality protective coatings. In other words, we handle all your industrial spray painting needs.

    We use the newest technology to provide quality sandblasting and spray painting services. Our company is famous all over Australia for our superior industrial spray painting and sandblasting services. We can help you in spray painting and sandblasting nearly all products made from metal.

    Our team assures you of unique services. More importantly, we follow Australian standards. So we utilise industrial grade garnet. It guarantees a helpful coating application that meets your particular industrial spray painting requirements.

    Abrasive blasting solutions

    At Australian Construction, we are professionals in undertaking all your sandblasting needs. Moreover, we give mining industry leaders in Launceston reliable top-quality sandblasting solutions. Industrial sandblasting describes a highly specialised process. This procedure needs specialised equipment. In addition, it would be best for a qualified technician to undertake this work. Also, the technician should have vast experience. Because of this, the sandblasting contractor in Launceston only hires the best.

    Our abrasive blasting uses high pressure to force a flow of abrasive material on a surface. It etches, primes or cleans a surface according to your needs. The scale and nature of the equipment require us to resurface. Because of this, we need specialised methods and blast rooms. We use different spray guns, wheel blasting and spray guns techniques. As a result, we clean your machinery thoroughly, eliminating surface rust and blemishes.

    Consequently, your surface looks new. The sandblasting contractor in Launceston continuously provides quality and trustworthy sandblasting solutions. Because of this, we are proud of our work. Also, we value all our clients, and our top priority is customer satisfaction.

    Main sandblasting uses

    In Launceston, many people in the industrial sector prefer sandblasting. We use this process to prepare surfaces to clean before starting different projects. In addition, it makes machinery equipment surfaces smooth or rough. It prepares the equipment for the application of a protective coating. We sandblast surfaces to enhance the coating’s durability and adhesion.

    Our team sandblasts surfaces of materials like:

    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Silver
    • Plastics
    • Pewter
    • Metals
    • Glass
    • Brass
    • Aluminium

    Do you wish to work with professionals in industrial sandblasting? If so, please call Australian Construction today. We are sandblasting specialists in Launceston, and commercial industries trust us significantly!

    Industrial spray painting solutions

    The industrial painting process is highly specialised. Hence special equipment and a skilled team are essential. The sandblasting contractor in Launceston offers spray painting solutions for the technical and mining industries. These sectors need paint protection for substantial surface areas. Australian Construction has a fully-equipped facility in Launceston. Given this, we can handle all-sized projects that require different treatments.

    Our various painting services include:

    • Two-pack paint & primers
    • Single pack primers
    • Heavy-duty industrial paint
    • Industrial etch primers

    Harsh environmental factors need superior paint protection. For this reason, the sandblasting contractor in Launceston helps you choose the coating that suits your equipment. It includes:

    • Ventilation & dust extraction ducting
    • Different sized valves for gas, oil and water
    • Service modules
    • Transport frames
    • Oil & gas piping

    When you use Australian Construction equipment, you are guaranteed to paint your equipment in a safe and controlled indoor environment. Hence we reduce contamination during the painting procedure. It enables us to attain outstanding, top quality finishes all the time. We handle every piece of machinery and equipment properly. Furthermore, we paint, prime and paint these products to your specifications. Our team pays great attention to detail. Due to this, we ensure a high-quality finish that makes your equipment durable. Australian Construction uses superior A-grade materials, and our staff is highly qualified. Hence you are assured of outstanding spray painting solutions.


    Australian Construction provides outstanding sandblasting services. We are committed to providing top quality spray painting services as well. Because of this, we are a favourite among major industries in Launceston. We offer a unique product and service delivery and strictly follow Australian standards.

    In addition, we use quality garnet (industrial grade). As a result, we deliver a coating application that suits your industrial spray painting requirements. We are leaders in the industry and hence build our experience consistently. Also, we ensure our staff is updated with the newest technological advancements. Due to this, we deliver unique services and products all the time to our clients.

    So please call us now for the ideal sandblasting services in Launceston!