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Melbourne Sandblasting Contractor

Melbourne Sandblasting Contractor

    Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. Australian Construction uses this procedure to clean surfaces and smoothen them. As per the name, the sandblasting contractor in Melbourne uses fine sand material to create friction. Consequently, it helps in attaining the result you want. But, for our sandblasting procedure, we use sand and dry ice. We also use steel grit and copper slag. Our skilled team uses coconut shells, walnut and corn cob as well. The Australian Construction craftsmen and mechanics implement this process in various applications such as:

    Removing paint and corrosion

    It is challenging to use conventional cleaning techniques to remove corrosion and paint. In light of this, it would be best for you to hire our effective sandblasters. They effectively remove stubborn rust and paint from all types of surfaces.

    Polishing devices

    Polishing is among the popular applications the sandblasting contractor in Melbourne provides. Sandblasting is famous because it leaves the surfaces looking well-polished and shiny. Do you have metal parts that are hard to arrange because the edges are irregular? In that case, sandblasting is the best solution for the reunion of parts.

    Cleaning concrete surfaces

    Australian Construction does not only apply the sandblasting process for mechanical and industrial use but also for smoothening walkways and pavements. In addition, we use it on concrete substances and roadways. When we polish concrete surfaces, it reduces the work involved in the concrete areas. With sandblasting, we also reduce the water used to clean by utilising top-speed abrasives.

    Restoring the bricks’ appearance

    You can use paint to cover brick-walled buildings. The aim is to enhance the appeal. However, sandblasting is a better solution. In light of this, we scrub the deteriorating walls and make them look new and fresh. We remove unnecessary cement, paint, mortar and different substances. As a result, the brick walls’ durability improves.

    Removing oil stains

    Sandblasting companies in Melbourne are popular for sandblasting for oil removal from all types of surfaces. The friction produces heat. Hence it melts the oil from these surfaces. For this process, we use hot water and soap. It breaks the surface upper stain layer down.

    Advantages of sandblasting

    We propel tiny granulated pieces (usually sand) at high speed during the sandblasting process. We do this to etch or clean a surface. The method is effective and has wide application. Due to this, most metal fabrication organisations use this method.


    Sandblasting is relatively easy to perform. This process is neither lengthy nor strenuous. However, it would be best if an expert like Australian Construction undertook this work. The sandblasting contractor in Melbourne expertly lays a tarp under the surface being blasted. As a result, the cleanup is fast and easy. After we finish the process, we effortlessly extract the extra material. Then our team cleans off the tarp.


    We use sandblasting for different purposes. Because of this, we can use it to strip pavement and remove paint. Sandblasting polishes and refines surfaces. Moreover, it removes contaminants and dirt. The polishing produces a beautiful looking finished product. It also primes a surface properly for painting. We use sandblasting on solid surfaces such as pavement.

    Rust removal

    When metal products rust, it presents a serious issue. It is the main reason property becomes damaged. The reason is that the metal corrodes and spreads fast to different metallic surfaces. Suppose we do not adequately treat the rust; it results in permanent damage. This damage is particularly harmful to machinery. As a result, the machinery stalls or stops working if one part rusts. Sandblasting effectively removes rust and is necessary for the maintenance of metal products’ integrity.


    The sandblasting procedure is not only non-toxic but also environmentally friendly. For this process, we use actual sand. Because of this, there is no dangerous dust to breathe in. The sandblasting contractor in Melbourne does not use any harmful material on people or the surrounding. It means you can touch or inhale the material we use because it will not harm you. Moreover, we can dispose of it without damaging the surrounding.

    Wonderful outcomes

    Sandblasting is very effective and cleans almost all surfaces. Therefore it removes all contaminants that can damage the product or how it looks. We use sandblasting for cleaning a product. As a result, the product’s longevity and functionality becomes enhanced. When we use it to remove rust, it repairs damage that the surface experiences from rust. Sandblasting is an effective process that leaves your product perfectly polished!


    The above applications are famous in Melbourne. We also use this procedure to remove the mildew growth on all surfaces. It removes dangerous substances effectively. More importantly, sandblasting does not damage the material below. Do you want a sandblasting contractor in Melbourne? If so, Australian Construction can deliver to your precise needs.

    Therefore, please contact us today to learn more about our exceptional sandblasting solutions!