Exceptional Sandblasting Contractor On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast Sandblasting Contractor

Gold Coast Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction provides various commercial and industrial sandblasting services. The sandblasting contractor on the Gold Coast is a top choice in this area. Therefore if you are looking for the best sandblasting provider, you are at the right place!

    We aim to protect commercial and industrial structures from erosion and wear. Moreover, we appreciate that each surface needs different cleaning methods. Our skilled team takes these steps to prepare the surface for painting and coating.

    In other words, we offer surface preparation services to different industries. For example, we serve sectors like industrial, maritime and mining. We also provide these services to business needs and civil infrastructure.

    Dustless Sandblasting

    The sandblasting contractor on the Gold Coast uses the newest technological processes and innovations. We apply these procedures to our mobile and onsite sandblasting services to reduce dust.

    Our expert team uses top quality dustless sandblasting media hence preparing various metal surfaces. Additionally, we choose suitable sandblasting abrasive materials. It depends on the nature of your surface and its surrounding.

    Australian Construction has expert mobile sandblasters. This team cleans surfaces using the following:

    • Garnet blasting
    • Dry blasting
    • Dustless blasting
    • Glass bead blasting
    • Grit blasting
    • Wet sandblasting and others

    Mobile sandblasting

    It is sometimes impractical or impossible to send your commercial or industrial equipment to a nearby sandblasting service provider or quality service provider. Under these circumstances, it would be best for you to work with the nearest mobile sandblasting firm. However, it would be best not to sacrifice the service provider’s proximity for quality. For this reason, the sandblasting contractor on the Gold Coast provides services near you.

    Onsite sandblasting solutions on the Gold Coast

    We use different protection services and blasting solutions. Our services are available to commercial and industrial structures and equipment on the Gold Coast. We offer the following sandblasting services:

    • Structures, steel beams and silos
    • Paint stripping
    • Machine sandblasting
    • Exposing aggregate
    • Building restoration
    • Graffiti removal
    • Marine restoration
    • Machinery restoration
    • Automotive restoration
    • Line mark removal
    • Rust removal

    OHS Compliant & environment friendly

    Australian Construction is a responsible business. Because of this, we use environmentally-friendly equipment and technology in each of our sandblasting services. We appreciate that it is vital to preserve our environment. For this reason, we remain committed to taking every step to provide eco-friendly services. In addition, our team members undergo periodic training, which ensures they work safely. More importantly, they do not harm the environment.

    We use processes and methodologies that fully comply with OHS standards. Australian Construction strictly adheres to the Australian Standard Regulations. We use the latest equipment and periodic workplace safety training. It ensures that members of our team operate in safe surroundings.

    Paint removal

    Australian Construction offers paint stripping or paint removal services, and our team consists of specialist paint removers. We use various sandblasting methods depending on the type of surface. The sandblasting contractor on the Gold Coast removes layers of paint at one go. Alternatively, we apply our intricate layered system to preserve the machinery or infrastructure we are handling. Because we use gentle abrasives, our paint removal equipment and methods are environment-friendly.

    Our expert paint removal services include removing different coatings or paints from a surface. It includes epoxy coatings, powder coatings, lubricative coatings, etc. The paint stripping services are available to industrial and commercial sectors throughout the Gold Coast. We have the infrastructure and expertise to undertake various complex and simple projects.

    We remove multiple or single layers of paint from metal and concrete surfaces. Moreover, Australian Construction uses unique sandblasting techniques according to the surface type. Hence we do not damage the surface at all. Many paint stripping works are part of major restoration works and involve recoating and repainting. We have a team of highly trained and certified individuals.

    Therefore these paint removal experts work meticulously. As a result, they ensure they clean the surface carefully, preparing it for recoating and repainting. There are various paint stripping companies on the Gold Coast. However, we are famous due to our procedures and attention to detail. In addition, we rank top because we are specialists and our team is highly qualified.

    The paint removal technology

    We use sophisticated abrasive blasting methods to remove coatings and paints. Our team of professionals determines the particular technique and media required. They do this by checking the onsite conditions. In addition, they consider the state of the environment close to the location of the surface.

    We follow all local and national environmental protection and OHS rules when undertaking stripping services. Due to this, we prefer wet and dry sandblasting technologies. These methods reduce the production of waste by 50%. Also, the dust nearby reduces by 95%. For this reason, the technology is eco-friendly.


    Australian Construction removes paint from different hard surfaces. For example, we remove paint from steel and metal structures like onshore and offshore industrial equipment and staircases. We also remove paint from steel beams, concrete structures and commercial buildings. We use the most suitable sandblasting medium to strip any paint, whether your surface is tough or delicate.

    So for the best sandblasting services on the Gold Coast, please call us today!