Trustworthy Sandblasting Contractor In Perth

Perth Sandblasting Contractor

Perth Sandblasting Contractor

    Construction offers different sandblasting concrete finishes. For instance, we provide distinctive decorative patterns. Also, our sandblasting contractor in Perth offers different finishes. Our favourite pattern is the dominant aggregate colour to complement the look and style that meets your project objective.

    Graffiti removal

    Our team removes graffiti quickly from wood, concrete walls and bricks. Moreover, they remove graffiti from other vulnerable surfaces. We use the latest dustless blasting machines to remove graffiti. Because of this, we do not damage the original surface.

    Furthermore, we do not leave an airborne residue that affects the surroundings. The sandblasting contractor in Perth uses graffiti removal services that are gentle on the environment. Because of this, we are a leader in this sector. Dustless blasting presents the latest method of removing graffiti from:

    • Fibreglass
    • All metals
    • Wood
    • Concrete

    Different types of surfaces

    Previously, removing graffiti involved strong chemicals and wet blasting using significant quantities of water. However, today this is not the case because we ensure our clients enjoy the ideal outcomes from our graffiti removal services. Hence rank number one in removing graffiti in Perth. Our team is highly experienced and can undertake all kinds of graffiti removal projects.

    Wood restoration with dustless blasting

    We use dustless blasting to restore wood and provide professional results for all types of timber. Our team uses various adjustable pressures for all types of timber. In other words, we handle major and minor projects.

    The sandblasting contractor in Perth offers affordable abrasive blasting technology. As a result, your timber looks new and smooth, preparing it for coating options. Do you want an expert dustless blasting solution? If so, please use our dustless blasting services in Perth.

    Line marking removal

    Australian Construction offers abrasive blasting solutions that fully remove painted lines from asphalt and concrete surfaces. In other words, we provide services to remove all signs of paint from footpaths and roads. In addition, we remove paint from everything else that does not need additional ground markings or lines.

    Do you want line marking removal with our dustless blasting methods? It will ensure that we do not leave any airborne dust anywhere. The reason is that we combine water and other materials. Due to this, we offer a dustless experience, for example, sandblasting and soda blasting. We design our services based on safety and environmental impact.

    Our priority is to protect people who want the ideal solution for eliminating undesirable lines. We also safely remove graffiti from brick and concrete walls. Additionally, our skilled dustless blasting technicians handle timber. We make sure that we remove all graffiti and lines without harming your health or nearby surrounding.

    In light of this, our team uses environmentally sustainable dustless blasting techniques for all our solutions. More importantly, we do not compromise our work quality. Therefore we use our line marking removal services without endangering your health.

    Also, we do not damage the environment. Do you wish to have a new-looking footpath or road without any lines? If so, please call us now! Our experts will advise you of the best solution for your requirements.

    Metal restoration with dustless blasting

    Our metal restoration methods do not distort, warp or scratch your metal when blasting. We use water technology to decrease friction. Also, we use this technique to eliminate heat and airborne particles. Hence there are no problems with the metal surfaces we restore to new. Our various removal services include:

    • Paint removal
    • Grease
    • Sealant
    • Rust removal
    • Asbestos and lead paint abatement
    • Shot blasting concrete

    Sandblasting is mainly known as grit blasting or abrasive blasting. During this process, we expose the aggregates in hardened concrete. This method makes the surface layer erode. Consequently, it provides a rustic and lovely appearance to your concrete surface. This procedure makes the sandblasting cement colour stand out at first. After heavy or medium sandblasting, we expose the coarse aggregates. Hence it gradually exposes the striking sand colour.

    Mainly we offer four abrasion grades. Every phase presents a matt finish that with different textures. For instance, this process produces textures similar to sandpaper when we brush blast coarse textures during light blasting.

    Meanwhile, heavy or medium blasting exposes significant amounts of aggregate. We specialise in concrete sandblasting. Also, we have all the essential expertise and credentials for sandblasting stamped concrete or exposed aggregate for all your flooring solutions.

    Exposing aggregate by sandblasting concrete

    Do you want dustless blasting for suitable repairs of concrete surfaces? Or do you want safe and environmentally friendly dry or wet sandblasting to expose aggregate? Regardless, we specialise in all these areas. Our professionals sandblast concrete from scratch. Hence they create a visually attractive aggregate finish. It gives you an affordable option when your concrete is worn.

    In other words, we provide sandblasting as an affordable manner of revitalising your:

    • Footpaths
    • Driveways
    • Patio
    • Different areas with heavy traffic

    You can also rely on Australian Construction to prepare your non-slip surface. We colour your concrete for a decorative stencil. Moreover, we handle different building supplies. Our solutions also include the application of concrete bead blaster. It cleans and brightens your grout and concrete surface.


    The Australian Construction specialists have the proper tools, skills, and vast experience. For this reason, we deliver the best-sandblasted concrete finishes. Our team guides you in all stages of your project, from beginning to end. We are popular in supplying sandblast concrete using top standard methods to meet your needs.

    Please talk to us today about the ideal sandblasting services in Perth!