Fast And Reliable Sandblasting Contractor In Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie Sandblasting Contractor

Port Macquarie Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we provide wet sandblasting solutions. These services are also known as dustless blasting. The wet blasting services provide similar outcomes as conventional dry blasting. However, it increases water and decreases the quantity of dust created. Our sandblasting contractor in Port Macquarie inserts a rust additive when wet sandblasting into the water. Hence it lowers the incidence of flash rust.

    We mainly use the dustless blasting method when sandblasting pools. It removes coatings from brickwork, concrete or buildings. Our company uses wet blasting in the marine sector on yachts, ships and boats to remove antifouling, gel coat and paint. This solution helps to stripe rust and colour from all surfaces. Hence it creates enough surface profiles. Consequently, we apply paint without producing dust as traditional blasting does.

    Quality Mobile Sandblasting

    Australian Construction provides a comprehensive mobile sandblasting service. Additionally, we offer protective coatings for major and minor projects. In other words, we visit your premises. Hence you save time and money for transporting equipment to your facilities or other premises. The sandblasting contractor in Port Macquarie offers wet and dry mobile blasting solutions that suit your job requirements.

    We undertake this procedure outside and inside. Given this, we remove any membranes or coatings required. For example, we undertake the following:

    We remove paint from rendered and brick walls to remove previous paint

    Abrasive blasting is efficient and environmentally friendly for removing these kinds of coatings. Do you wish to remove the coating to expose old bricks? Or do you want to form a strong bond to re-apply another coating? Under these circumstances, our mobile sandblasters team handles the job efficiently.

    Timber blasting

    We use timber sandblasting on different timber, which has been:

    • Water-stained
    • Painted
    • Grown mould
    • Fire-damaged

    It removes debris and coatings to make your wood look new! Mainly we use this process in ageing warehouse buildings. These structures are created using big timber uprights, trusses, ceilings underside and beams. Again, sandblasting timber creates a strong surface for repainting.

    Sandblasting swimming pools

    Australian Construction uses mobile sandblasting in old and new pools. It removes membrane and paint coatings on old pools. Additionally, it etches the surface of your new pool. As a result, it facilitates the bonding of the tiles or paints—old or new sandblasting presents an affordable solution to renovate pool surfaces.


    The sandblasting contractor in Port Macquarie sandblasts concrete. Consequently, it gives pavements a non-slip surface. In addition, it provides a minimum of p4 slip rating. We use this procedure for various architectural surfaces also. Our expert team uses water or laser cut steel stencils.

    In other words, they can sandblast any design, pattern or number to any concrete surface! Another decorative concrete finish is creating an exposed aggregate look. We provide light or heavy, depending on your needs. So we can expose as much aggregate as you wish.

    Painting and steel blasting

    We use mobile steel sandblasting on all kinds of:

    This procedure creates a good foundation for the paint we will apply. Australian Construction adheres to Australian Standard 1627. Given this, our team works correctly. After sandblasting, we apply protective coatings. We can apply one coat of primer or a full three-coat system that submerges steel in water. Our team uses a powerful paint system. Due to this, your investment remains safe for years.

    Our company ranks top among sandblasting forms for industrial works. The sandblasting contractor in Port Macquarie uses superior equipment. Moreover, we service and maintain this equipment regularly. Because of this, we reduce downtime in the field and complete each project quickly. More importantly, we provide superior standards.

    We have highly skilled mobile industrial sandblasters. Hence we offer full services on all your industrial projects. For example, we handle huge mining machinery and structural steel. Our team removes all contaminants, rust and paint by sandblasting the surface. After this, we apply top quality primers. It prevents future rusting and uses protective topcoats and mid coats to finish off.

    Our industrial restoration solutions include protective coatings and sandblasting for projects like:

    • Tanks
    • Shutdowns
    • Refineries
    • Earthmoving equipment
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Semi-trailers
    • Trucks
    • Excavators
    • Plant and machinery
    • Mining equipment
    • Structural steel

    We use top quality abrasive blasting and blast media for all our projects. In addition, our solutions are environmentally friendly, and we ensure each media matches the job. Also, we provide cleanup services after completing the project. We follow the appropriate Australian standards for each project. Hence we offer various blast finishes.


    Australian Construction has vast experience. Because of this, we can meet all paint removal, protective coating and abrasive blasting needs. Our team can handle major and minor projects. At all times we aim to keep our customers happy. Hence we work efficiently to deliver according to your specific needs.

    We look forward to hearing from you now about your sandblasting project.