Top Rated Sandblasting Contractor In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Sandblasting Contractor

Rockhampton Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we use sandblasting to improve different concrete surfaces. We use highly effective techniques to remove surface contaminants like sealant, coating and paint. In other words, sandblasting in Rockhampton is the best surface preparation solution. Our skilled team applies the abrasive blasting procedure to the concrete area. As a result, the surface becomes coarse, or the profile becomes texturised. Hence the protective coating application effectively bonds to the surface.

    Additionally, we use our sandblasting techniques to expose the surface aggregate. To get a uniform and consistent finish, do you want to sandblast your underexposed concrete area? Or do you require us to apply our latest equipment to a newly poured concrete slab to get a decorative finish? We provide concreters, project managers, and architects to handle your project expertly. Therefore for all your sandblasting needs in Rockhampton, please talk to our experienced team at Australian Construction.

    Top-Quality Sandblasting Contractor in Rockhampton

    Do you want an ideal solution for adding texture to a newly poured concrete surface or an existing one without damaging the substrate? Our exposed aggregate sandblasting finishes add aesthetic appeal, whether we treat a council footpath or new construction build slabs. More importantly, it gives you a non-slip surface that complies with Australian Standards. In other words, our sandblasting is the best technique to expose the concrete aggregate. After all, this method can carefully check the blasting pressure and the particular abrasive needed. Furthermore, sandblasting facilitates various deliverable finishes. These finishes have aggregate exposure variations ranging between 1 mm-5 mm.

    Effective abrasive blasting solutions

    We offer a complete onsite solution for all your concrete sandblasting. In addition, we help architects, property owners and project managers throughout Rockhampton. Our team is highly experienced in abrasive blasting of all concrete areas. For example, we sandblast:

    • Parks
    • Large concrete slabs
    • Shopping centres
    • Pathways and driveways
    • Office blocks and new estates

    Australian Construction undertakes sandblasting to provide an exposed aggregate concrete finish effectively. Additionally, we sandblast to eliminate unwanted surface contaminants. Due to this, our clients are assured of dealing with a highly skilled and reliable team. In other words, we are committed to making each project successful.

    Top-notch technology

    At Australian Construction, we use dustless blasting equipment for all our sandblasting services. We use this wet approach onsite and customise each project in sensitive regions. For example, we use this technique in areas where we need to control airborne contaminants. More importantly, this step prevents plant shutdown or site disruption. We use water in our sandblasting procedure.

    Hence it significantly decreases dust by up to 95%. At the same time, water reduces the mess by 50% more than conventional dry sandblasting techniques. When we add water, it also significantly reduces the energy and mass output. So this solution eliminates stubborn paint and epoxy coating. Please call us now for professional advice about your exposed aggregate concrete requirements.

    Advantages of sandblasting concrete areas

    When you decide to use sandblasting to add texture to your concrete surface, it gives you various benefits like:

    • Comparatively, it is more cost-effective than other techniques.
    • Sandblasting Contractor in Rockhampton is highly efficient (each operator can treat up to 100 m2).
    • Our sandblasting service provides an unmatched coarse finish that other alternatives cannot achieve.
    • The sandblasting solution is highly monitorable, and hence we ensure our clients get their desired finish.

    Steel sandblasting

    Australian Construction specialises in sandblasting different steel structures. We offer services to our industrial and commercial clients in Rockhampton. In light of this, we provide complete restoration and preparation solutions for various projects. Furthermore, we use effective abrasive blasting equipment. So we clean steel thoroughly and help remove corrosion, paint and rust. Given this, we ensure we restore the surface correctly, preparing it for protective coating application. Our skilled workforce has vast experience in metal preparation for long-term preservation. Hence our professional staff handles all your requirements. We sandblast smooth areas to roughen the profile and sandblast rough surfaces to smoothen the profile. Also, we sandblast steel to remove surface contaminants. Consequently, we expose the original metal.

    Therefore this solution is suitable for various steel structures and products. We can apply abrasive blasting to any steel project. Our team uses multiple abrasives materials in our procedures. In light of this, our team considers the profile finish you need. We also believe in the micron specifications you want. Some of the abrasive materials we use are:

    • Steel shot
    • Glass bead
    • Crushed glass
    • Garnet


    Australian Construction offers sandblasting services and various industrial restoration solutions in Rockhampton. These services include removing stains, spills and protective coating. Our team uses special eco-friendly equipment to remove rust, grease, primer, paint and different contaminants. Because of this, we can efficiently clean holding tanks. Additionally, we prepare surfaces for metal fabricators.

    For additional information on our sandblasting solutions, please talk to our experts today!