Outstanding Sandblasting Contractor On The Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Sandblasting Contractor

Sunshine Coast Sandblasting Contractor

    Australian Construction offers various expert abrasive blasting solutions. In addition, our sandblasting contractor on the Sunshine Coast provides services to meet all kinds of requirements. For example, we serve commercial and industrial sectors.

    We offer top-quality artistry and ensure we deliver high-quality work. In addition, we provide various abrasive blasting products. Also, we offer grit blasting (Staurolite), bead blasting and glass blasting.

    Wet blasting services

    Australian Construction uses top-notch wet abrasive systems. Because of this, our team can handle all blasting works on a large scale. Using dust and sand as abrasive materials leads to different safety risks. Moreover, this type of abrasive blasting procedure is dangerous to health and the surroundings.

    In light of this, we use wet blasting for surface preparation. For years we have provided effective, efficient and reliable wet blasting services. Because of this, the sandblasting contractor on the Sunshine Coast ranks top in the industry.

    In other words, we are famous for delivering projects that most traditional wet blasting & surface preparation firms cannot do. Our team can help you with different surfaces. In light of this, we profile, clean or prepare surfaces. Moreover, we apply coatings to the surface. We have highly trained and experienced blasting specialists. Due to this, they can:

    • Complete a risk assessment
    • Decrease any health risk
    • Follow different safety data sheets

     Therefore we give you outcomes that surpass your expectations.

    Mobile/onsite mobile blasting solutions

    We offer practical and efficient mobile and onsite sandblasting services on the Sunshine Coast. So, our company ranks top among onsite sandblasting and mobile wet sandblasting services in this region. In addition, we are experts in different types of:

    • Surface preparation
    • Contaminant removal
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Our experts undertake the following as well:
    • Concrete stencilling
    • Wet abrasive blasting
    • Lead paint removal

    Apart from this, we can undertake all onsite sandblasting. Moreover, we handle mobile sandblasting works and chemical stripping. The sandblasting contractor on the Sunshine Coast serves:

    • Bridges
    • Building facades
    • Internal high-rise tunnels and strip-outs

    We use superior blasting methods and blasting applications.

    Industrial & Commercial blasting

    Australian Construction is proud of our numerous satisfied clients. For example, we have provided services to major multi-national building contractors. We mainly aim to give our clients top-quality industrial and commercial blasting services. More importantly, our team endeavours to provide you with value for money.

    Our team works hard to deliver your work quickly and on budget. The sandblasting contractor on the Sunshine Coast uses systems in areas and on materials where standards abrasive procedures are too messy, dusty, dangerous and hard to access.

    • Industrial painting and coatings
    • Specialised coatings application and industrial painting

    We have experience in managing our projects, including:

    • Planning
    • High-height risk access
    • High-risk works
    • Sprayed coatings containment
    • Customer care

    So if you need industrial painting & coatings, we are your go-to company. Our team carries out suitable surface preparation. Furthermore, they use our special coatings and paints. In addition, they use the ideal blasting application equipment. At times most people do not understand industrial painting and protective coatings.

    Is your project is a water tank, pipeline or marine yard? Or perhaps you need services for your wastewater facility. Under these circumstances, these coatings act as a barrier between a hazardous environment and the substrate that needs protection. At Australian Construction, we appreciate the strict quality control required for services like:

    • Industrial & Commercial sandblasting
    • Coatings and paintings

    Because of this, we use maximum protection when working.

    Dustless blasting services

    We offer dustless blasting or vapour blasting. This procedure helps your business with cleaning all types of surfaces. We also use this process to strip paint and create profiles. The best part is that this method lacks the dust and harshness of traditional blasting.

    Our sandblasting contractor on the Sunshine Coast considers the environment. Given this, we give you innovative vapour blasting systems to remove all coatings for your surface with our powerful blasting methods. Please talk to our experts today, and they will deliver according to your specific needs.

    Vapour blasting solutions

    We use dustless blasting and vapour blasting for different applications. For instance, we apply these services to industrial and commercial sectors. This solution is best where silicates and dust pose a risk to safety and health during removal. Hence this service is best for:

    • Confined spaces
    • Tanks before waterproofing application
    • Rust
    • Render and plaster slurry
    • Conventional coatings
    • Lead paint
    • Aggregate exposure
    • Profiling
    • Concrete laitance
    • Asbestos adhesives and residue
    • Hazmat, etc.


    Australian Construction provides multi-faceted blasting solutions on the Sunshine Coast. As a result, our services are highly effective. We efficiently remove stains and contaminants from hard surfaces and marine timber. In addition, we restore wood and industrial brick, fibreglass and steel. Also, we handle redevelopments and warehouse conversion.

    Please call us today for the best sandblasting on the Sunshine Coast!