Fully Licenced Sandblasting Contractor In Toowoomba

Toowoomba Sandblasting Contractor

Toowoomba Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we are specialists in sandblasting, powder coating and spray painting. Our sandblasting contractor in Toowoomba has serviced this region for years. We work hard and are dedicated. Because of this, we have become professionals in this industry. We have the latest equipment and top quality products. Moreover, our staff is highly trained. Hence, you can be assured that we will deliver a long-lasting and lovely looking job.

    We offer professional advice and tailored customer solutions to all our clients. For example, we serve businesses with major and minor projects. Quality, integrity, and service are the guideline of all our work. Hence we deliver superior services at all times.


    Australian Construction specialises in powder coating big pieces of equipment. Powdercoating is different from conventional liquid. The reason is that it is a dry powder that flows freely. Hence it does not need a solvent to maintain the filler and binder areas in a liquid suspension state. Comparatively, powder coating is stronger and more durable than the usual paint. The reason is that we apply it electrostatically. After this, we cure under heating, creating a firm, smooth finish ‘skin.’

    We mainly Powdercoat the following:

    • Aluminium extrusions
    • Whiteware
    • Metals

    If you are unsure of the ideal paint option for your project, please call us. We will give you our professional advice!

    Benefits of powder coating

    Powder coating offers a long-lasting and top quality finish. Australian Construction protects and decorates different materials, for example:

    Our powders range from Oxy-Tech colour, Jotun, Interpon and Dulux, and we have a 100 m long powder coating line (automated). It includes a drying oven, de-ionising pre-wash and the main oven. Also, this machine has reciprocal powder coating guns. We have a heavy industrial powder coating booth with a capacity of 31 cubic metres. Also, it has direct access to a big batch heating oven that extends to a maximum of 6.5 metres. Our powder coating and sandblasting services improve your metal product’s final value. More importantly, it enhances its life cycle.


    Do you want us to make your surface smooth, rough and shapely? Or do you wish to have contaminants removed? In that case, sandblasting may be the best solution for your issue. Australian Construction has the tools and expertise to undertake major industrial sandblasting works. Sandblasting (abrasive blasting) is a robust procedure where we use a range of abrasive materials.

    For example, we use bead blasting to clean your pool tiles’ calcium deposits. In addition, we use this process to brighten grout colour and blast silica sand to remove paint, rust and other useless surface materials. The sandblasting contractor can help with nearly all abrasive and sandblasting jobs. Please consult our friendly team for more information about the sandblasting options available.

    Spray painting

    We not only undertake to sandblast but also spray painting. Our company uses the best protective paint and equipment. Because of this, we ensure your equipment feels and looks great. Our equipment is of superior quality, and we source the ideal protective paint on the market. We have successfully delivered spray painting jobs in Toowoomba in light of this. Therefore, kindly talk to our experts today for all your spray painting jobs.

    The importance of sandblasting

    Do you wish to have a smooth, attractive finish from powder or paint coating? If so, then the sandblasting process is essential. Sandblasting cleans the surface. Hence it ensures the removal of any unwanted corrosions and rough edges. In addition, it removes undesired coatings.

    As a result, your metal product has a superior quality finish, and after completion of the sandblasting, we clean the surface thoroughly. It removes any signs of sand, grease or sand that hinder the powder coating procedure. Almost all your metal jobs require sandblasting to attain the desired results. Therefore it would be best to work with a metal industry leader like Australian Construction.

    The aim of powder coating

    Powder coating gives your metal products a classy finish. The sandblasting contractor in Toowoomba carries out this process after sandblasting. We use a powder coating to form a long-lasting finish than provided by a liquid solution. It provides a lovelier look as well. Powder coating enhances the resistance of your product to long term effects of elements like:

    • Ultraviolet light
    • Chemicals
    • Moisture
    • Different weather conditions

    So your product has protection from chipping, fading, scratches and corrosion. Powder coating is long-lasting. Hence it is an excellent option if you want a durable and attractive finish.


    Australian Construction ensures you get expert, reliable and top quality services for your powder coating and sandblasting needs. Our experience in the metal sector is vast. Due to this, we have the skills to give your product the perfect finish. We also use our expertise to meet and surpass your expectations. Moreover, we use the newest technologies to deliver the ideal results. More importantly, our services are affordable.

    We look forward to hearing from you today for the perfect sandblasting solutions in Toowoomba!