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Wollongong Sandblasting Contractor

Wollongong Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we appreciate that it is essential to powder coat steel. It prevents more corrosion and makes the steel more chemical and abrasion-resistant. In addition, powder coating increases durability. Our sandblasting contractor in Wollongong offers quality powder coating solutions.

    Because of this, your stainless steel structures acquire a charming finish. Moreover, our solutions are environmentally friendly. Our steel coating specialists decide whether initial cleaning or sandblasting is necessary. This service removes rust, paint or other unnecessary materials. Hence we prepare the steel for treatment.

    Quality services

    Australian Construction has various colours and finishes. Because of this, we can meet your specific tastes. Our team uses highly advanced sandblasting and powder coating equipment. Due to this, we ensure that we give you high quality, uniform and attractive outcomes. More importantly, your product becomes resistant to ageing.

    We deliver the following services:

    Industrial and commercial powder coating solutions

    We use a unique powder coating method, and our skilled team applies a protective and decorative finish to various metal structures. These services are available on commercial facilities and industrial sites. During our powder coating procedure, we spray a dry powder. It consists of plastic resin and fillers. We apply these products electrostatically to a metal surface.

    After this, we place the surface into an oven. Therefore it facilitates the reaction and fusion of the powder to the object’s surface. Consequently, you acquire a smooth coating and a long-lasting, superior coating. More importantly, this coating is abrasion-resistant. Do you want industrial coating in Wollongong? In that case, look no further!

    The sandblasting contractor in Wollongong offers outstanding powder coating solutions. Furthermore, our solutions are available for industrial and commercial machinery. We also service buildings in Wollongong and the surroundings. Our team consists of skilled and knowledgeable tradespeople. As a result, they deliver colour-durable, superior finishes on all metal surfaces.

    We follow all OHS and environmental regulations strictly. In light of this, we only use safe and environmentally friendly materials. We sandblast and clean surfaces and use superior quality coatings for coating. Therefore for beautiful, durable, top quality powder coating services, please call us now.

    Advantages of powder coating

    When we powder-coated metal surfaces, it enhances their resistance to:

    • Fading
    • Chipping
    • Scratches

    In addition, metal surfaces with powder coating finishes do not have any solvent, unlike liquid finishes. Examples of these solvents are volatile organic compounds. For this reason, powder coating is environmentally safe. Even if you touch a powder coating, it will not irritate you. A powder spray booth contains the air extraction. More importantly, it is a lot more cost-effective than solvent-based finishes.

    Rust removal services

    Industrial & Commercial rust removal

    Australian Construction offers specialist surface preparation solutions. We serve industrial and commercial buildings and machinery. For instance, we offer rust removal services in Wollongong.

    Our rust removal services entail removing rust from metal surfaces. For example, we remove rust from machinery, metal equipment and structural steel beams. Our processes do not affect the surface’s integrity.

    The sandblasting contractor in Wollongong uses these services to restore commercial structures and equipment. Our team aims to prevent metallic surfaces from rusting in the future. In light of this, after removing rust, they apply a non-corrosive material to the metal surface.

    Our team is highly trained and skilled. Moreover, we use the latest blasting methods and materials for this service. Despite the location of your equipment or structure, our team can offer timely and onsite rust and corrosive removal services.

    We use superior abrasive sandblasting methods to remove rust from different hard surfaces like steel and metals. Do you have rusted structural steel beams or industrial machinery? Under these circumstances, we use our innovative rust removal sandblasting technology. Additionally, we use our experienced tradespeople. As a result, we give you a clean and polished surface.

    Our rust removal methods

    At Australian Construction, we are committed to offering the best. Therefore, we only use unique and new surface preparation methods. In addition, we establish the best abrasive techniques to remove corrosion or rust from your metal surfaces. Also, we are committed to ensuring we choose the correct abrasive media. It depends on the type of surface we want to prepare.

    Every material consists of specific chemical properties. Because we are specialists in our sector, we only choose abrasive media that comply with your surface material. Hence it does not have any harmful impacts. We pick sandblasting media and methods depending on your structure’s environmental demands. More to this, we ensure that all the abrasive media we use on your metal surfaces comply with OHS.


    Australian Construction is top quality and committed to delivering outstanding solutions. In other words, we offer the ideal sandblasting and powder coating solutions in Wollongong. Our facility is specialised and fully equipped. Moreover, our online capabilities make us unique because we service many clients.

    We provide comprehensive surface preparation solutions. For example, we offer top-notch sandblasting. In addition, we provide outstanding fire protection solutions for metal and concrete structures. Our team specialises in protecting commercial and industrial assets, equipment, and infrastructure.

    We look forward to delivering our sandblasting services to you today!