Experienced And Affordable Sandblasting Contractor In Brisbane

Brisbane Sandblasting Contractor

Brisbane Sandblasting Contractor

    At Australian Construction, we specialise in sandblasting. In addition, we are experts at powder coating. Do you want your metal structure to have a perfect finish? In that case, we have your back! We provide comprehensive powder coating services in Brisbane. However, we appreciate that we need to work intricately for powder coating to be successful. Due to this, our expert sandblasting contractor in Brisbane ensures they carry out the sandblasting procedure precisely. Also, we prepare the metal structure for any powder coating in the future.

    Not only do we specialise in setting up the structure you want but also finish your product correctly. Consequently, it surpasses your expectations! So we prepare and offer long-lasting, top quality finishes. We use our powder coating (100m long), spray booth and huge batch heating oven.

    Powder coating

    Our powder coating gives you a durable, superior quality finish. The sandblasting contractor in Brisbane protects and decorates different materials.  For example, we decorate fabricated steel frames and aluminium extrusions with powders. The powders range in colours such as Jotun, Dulux, Oxy-tech and Interporn. We provide a self-automated powder coating line of 100 metres long. Moreover, it comprises a de-ionising pre-wash, main oven, drying oven and reciprocal powder coating guns.

    We offer each powder coated product with a certified 10-year warranty. Furthermore, Australian Construction provides a heavy industrial powder coating booth with 31 cubic metres. It has direct access to a big batch heating oven that can extend to a maximum of 6.5 metres. We use sandblasting to prepare your metal surfaces for powder coating. Our skilled team does this by removing rust as well as smoothing contours. As a result, you get a durable finish.

    Because we have a booth of 31 cubic metres, we can sandblast anything. Do you want powder coating and sandblasting services to improve your metal product’s final value and enhance its life cycle? In that case, get in touch with Australian Construction.

    The importance of Sandblasting

    The sandblasting process is critical if you want a smooth and impressive finish from powder coating or paint. Our sandblasting cleans the surface, ensuring we remove any undesirable corrosions, layers, and rough edges. As a result, your metal product acquires a top quality finish. After we complete the sandblasting, we clean the surface thoroughly. As a result, we remove any sand, grease or dirt that interferes with our powder coating procedure. Your metal projects need sandblasting for the outcome you desire. So you need to work with a qualified metal industry leader like Australian Construction. Our team provides top sandblasting services, preparing your product for an excellent finish.

    What is the aim of powder coating?

    We powder coat your metal products for a top-quality finish. After sandblasting, this is the next step that ties your overall project design together. We use powder coating to give you a more durable finish than a liquid solution does. More importantly, it provides a lovely look. Powder coating makes your product more resistant to the impact of chemicals, ultraviolet light and moisture and different weather conditions. So your product is safe from chipping, fading, corrosion and scratches. Because it is durable, powder coating is a wise option if you want an attractive and durable finish.

    Quality sandblasting & powder coating services

    At Australian Construction, we provide expert, reliable and top quality services to meet your powder coating and sandblasting needs. More importantly, we give you reliable, expert and top quality services. We have vast experience in the metal sector. Due to this, we have the essential skills for creating the ideal finish for your product. Also, we use our expertise to meet your needs and even surpass your expectations. Below are some reasons you should pick Australian Construction for your powder coating and sandblasting requirements:

    • Our team consists of trained experts with advanced metal production and finishing awareness.
    • We use the newest technologies to offer the ideal outcomes.
    • Our team is committed to our projects, and we guarantee the best services in Brisbane.
    • Australian Construction powder coating and sandblasting services are affordable.
    • We offer efficient customer service and project management.

    Our skilled team considers all your thoughts and ideas. As a result, you fully control the design and finishing procedure. To us, your powder coating and sandblasting needs are serious. Hence we commit ourselves to giving you the best services. We avoid shortcuts and do not complete a project that fully meets your expectations. In other words, our priority is customer satisfaction. So for your metal project’s excellent finish, choose the Australian Construction team!


    A suitable finishing process is essential for metalwork. So at Australian Construction, we are specialists in sandblasting. In addition, we are experts in powder coating hence ensuring you have a smooth product that has a perfect design. More importantly, the end product can resist any harsh conditions it might encounter. We build for durability, and we are proud of our finishing services that provide the best for our customers.

    Please get in touch today for more details about our sandblasting and powder coating methods!