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    When working on uneven or high surfaces, you should ensure your safety by hiring a superior scaffold specially designed for your project. Scaffolding creates a robust platform for repairs, construction and maintenance. Australian Construction hires scaffolding equipment to meet your projects, like significant commercial construction structures on building sites. A scaffolding contractor in Adelaide provides various scaffolding solutions at affordable costs.

    Our range of scaffolding solutions is vast, and it includes:

    • Caged Units
    • Mobile Units
    • Independent Units
    • Cantilevered Units

    Caged Units

    At Australian Construction, we provide caged units for hire in Adelaide if your project needs materials transportation, moving or lifting during construction. Our skilled staff discusses assembly and safety requirements with you to ensure this scaffolding solution meets your needs.

    Independent Units

    Our independent scaffold has a double row, and every row is parallel to the building.  We set the inner row as near the building as possible. Our skilled team discusses the dimensions and size required for your independent scaffold while giving you appropriate suggestions on how to dismantle and assemble the scaffolding.

    Our scaffolding contractor in Adelaide is available to give you correct guidance on how to dismantle and assemble the scaffolding.  Our skilled team gives you a free on-site quote and consultation to ensure you hire the ideal independent scaffold system for the project.

    Mobile Units

    Australian Construction mobile scaffolding system is accessible for instant hire and setup.  Our mobile scaffold is flexible or fixed, light in weight and easily adjustable while preserving safety standards.

    It is easy to set up this scaffold, as it does not need any tools to dismantle or assemble. We provide a wide variety of towers; alternatively, our scaffold experts can design a tailored solution that suits your needs.

    This unit is best for painters, contractors, ceiling fixers, plumbers and interior liners. Depending on this scaffold’s height, you can assemble the product on your own. Our scaffolding contractor in Adelaide gives you clear guidelines on how to assemble and dismantle any unit effectively.

    Cantilevered Units

    We secure our cantilever scaffolding to a building at one end. Cantilevered load-bearing points sustain this scaffold, and we mainly secure it to a building’s top areas. It is best for use in limited space areas or difficult to access spaces.  Before you hire any of our towers, we ensure that any contractors who work up high know precisely how to assemble towers and navigate on platforms safely.

    Scaffolding on sale

    Do you want to buy a scaffold for your trade business? At Australian Construction, we have superior quality scaffolding systems for purchase at affordable costs to meet your trade needs.  Whether you are a plumber, builder, painter or contractor, we present the best scaffold system and purchase scaffold in Adelaide.

    Our highly competent team creates top-quality units made from the finest materials, which will give you a stable and firm surface to work on. You can pick from a wide variety of heights and lengths, ensuring you buy appropriate scaffold for your business.

    Get professional advice

    Scaffolding contractors are experts and can give you suggestions on the suitable scaffold compatible with your needs. Our team offers friendly and professional advice, ensuring you purchase scaffolding in Adelaide with expert and confident recommendation. If you need more information do not hesitate to call us any day of the week; we will be happy to give you a free quote!

    Residential and Commercial Edge Protection

    Australian Construction Commercial Edge Protection prevents falls for industrial and commercial construction. Our system bolts to the side or top face of concrete slabs; they also clamp onto clip rock purlins, roof sheets, parapet or rafters.

    You do not need an intermediate scaffold ticket when using our tool-less application for assembling your system. Our standard and rail components are tiny in size compared to traditional scaffold systems. Australian Construction ensures that all our products adhere to the applicable standards, so our protection systems are much lighter.

    Engineering & Design

    The design team at Australian Construction uses innovation and experience to draw up ideas and ‘for construction animations and drawings,’ suitable for our customer’s needs. From stair cores, lift shafts and all kinds of access stairs and scaffolding Australian Construction has you covered. It allows us to develop projects accurately and efficiently and plan at all levels of the project.


    Australian Construction provides technical support and scaffold design to the energy, mining, industrial and domestic industries. Our supervisors and scaffolders are experienced in working on your scaffolding project efficiently, no matter the job’s size. Our team is exceptionally skilled with all scaffolding systems and elevated work platforms like removing and installing swing stages.


    Our experienced team supplies and installs all formwork systems such as structural steel decking, conventional off form, (kingFlor/bondek), soffit systems, prefabricated stair and columns.

    Supported Platform Systems

    This type of scaffolding is the most commonly used. It has elevated platforms made from metal or wood. The scaffolding is held together using frames and poles, which constitute the scaffolding’s structure. An expert scaffolding contractor in Adelaide places them firmly on the ground.

    Suspended Scaffolding

    This kind of scaffolding is less commonly used, unlike the supported platform system, though they are just as important.  As the name suggests, we do not place the scaffolding on the floor but use ropes to support and anchor it firmly to the building’s top. We also build it using metal or wood, and it is best for building projects with uneven ground.

    Adjustable Scaffolding

    Adjustable scaffolding is suspended, and we use a system of pulleys to raise or lower it. This kind of scaffolding has a single platform, and our team moves it to the building’s level when and where it is required. The location and kind of house you are constructing determines the scaffolding type you choose.


    In construction, it is imperative that you get the right scaffolding contractor in Adelaide, just as you need to pick the appropriate fixtures and fittings. You should ensure that the firm you pick can provide your required equipment at a cost-effective price to match your budget.

    The right scaffolding firm like Australian Construction will show you the essential credentials, proof of appropriate training and qualifications. It should also be a firm that you can contact whenever the need arises.

    It means picking a local scaffolding firm like Australian Construction for your scaffolding project in Adelaide!