The Most Experienced Scaffolding Contractor In Ballarat For Hire


    Australian Construction has years of experience in the building sector. Our team is skilled in installation and dismantling. They also undertake transport and direct labour.  In addition, our scaffolding contractor in Ballarat offers on-site consults. We also provide direct labour hire.

    Also, we handle project management. For this reason, you have scaffolding support whenever you need it. We provide efficient services. More importantly, we comply with WorkSafe and OH&S standards.

    Your safety is paramount.

    Australian Construction Services has superior expertise. Together with our on-site consultation, we give your on-site safety priority. All our team members have the necessary qualifications. Therefore, we help you in meeting your OH&S obligations. 

    We have safe and reliable scaffolding equipment for hire. The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat has trusted solutions. For example, we provide Kwik Stage for your particular site needs.

    Tailored scaffolding solutions

    You might need scaffolding solutions for an industrial project. Or perhaps you have a residential or commercial project. Whatever your requirements, you can rely on us. We have a proven track record. As a result, professional contractors in Ballarat trust us.

    Residential scaffolding sales & hire

    The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat specialises in scaffold hire services. As a result, we serve commercial and residential projects. These services are available to trades and builders with sites in Ballarat. Our team is qualified and experienced. 

    Given this, they deliver innovative residential and commercial scaffolding designs. Our designs follow legal requirements. In addition, they provide the ideal approach for your trades for efficient operations.

    Australian Construction uses a blend of Acrow Props, aluminium scaffold, and steel scaffolding. For this reason, we can solve complex access needs on commercial and residential sites. We have affordable rates. Moreover, we do not ignore safety. All our scaffold structures follow the WorkSafe regulations. Because of this, you have a safe and legal site. 

    The scaffolding contractor in Ballarat works with numerous expert builders. We are proud to provide top safety standards. Additionally, we offer unique customer service. Our company offers affordable scaffolding rental prices as well. 

    We appreciate our client’s requirements regarding residential or commercial scaffolding needs. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to deliver. Furthermore, we offer scaffolding for sale. It includes modular steel scaffolding and Acrow Props. We provide aluminium scaffolding and other similar products. 

    Kwikstage Scaffolding rental

    Australian Construction is the ideal option for Ballarat scaffolding hire. We provide our scaffold hire service to builders and trades. We also offer them to owner builders. These are clients with commercial and residential building sites in Ballarat. Our team designs and delivers scaffolding for your building project. In addition, we undertake installation and dismantling.

    The free scaffolding rental quotes we provide make it easy for you to budget. The reason is that the quotes outline what we will provide. It also gives a breakdown of the costs. Our scaffold system is designed with safety in mind. 

    Because of this, our scaffold systems comply with WorkSafe rules. For this reason, your site remains legal and safe. We work hard to minimise the time we spend on installation and dismantling. Therefore, we allow your trades to return to the site fast. 


    We have years of expertise. Our team is also skilled in on-site consultation. Also, our project managing services are impeccable. Consequently, to us, your on-site safety is important. All the Australian Construction team members have the correct qualifications. So, we help you comply with your OH&S obligations. We are a leader when it comes to safety.

    For this reason, we provide professional consultation, coordination, and cooperation. Our company continues to improve our safety practices and standards. So we offer expert work to our clients. 

    Call us today for all your scaffolding services in Ballarat!