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    At Australian Construction we are scaffolding experts. Hence, we provide a complete end-to-end scaffolding service. We offer hassle free services. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Bendigo visits your site and installs top quality scaffolding.

    The scaffolding we provide is also secure.  Besides, we remove the scaffolding quickly after you finish with it. Therefore, you can proceed with the rest of your work. It might be renovation or construction. For this reason, we minimise the inconvenience to you as well as your business.

    Our team of experts caters to all kinds of jobs. It may involve a small size residential site. Or maybe it’s a big industrial or commercial site. We provide light duty scaffolding as well. Also, we offer heavy-duty scaffolding. Your site requirements determine it. We have worked with major clients.  Additionally, our prices are affordable. For this reason, we will be pleased to give you a quote for your next scaffolding project! 

    Our services

    Kwikstage scaffolding

    Our Kwikstage scaffolding presents a robust, heavy-duty modular scaffold mechanism. The scaffolding contractor in Bendigo uses it for safe operations. We use the Kwikstage scaffolding at construction sites’ heights. Also, we use it for rendering and brickwork, and a lot more. 

    Additionally, it offers roofers a fall protection. Furthermore, Kwikstage scaffolding presents secure platforms for:

    • Plumbers
    • Painters
    • Carpenters
    • Renderers
    • Bricklayers and a lot more

    Pitch platform

    Our pitch platform is a unique scaffolding system. Besides, it is lightweight. We use it on all kinds of roofs to a maximum of 45-degree pitch. Our team secures it without compromising or damaging the roof’s water proofing. Pitch Platform feature level and wide handrails and platforms. 

    We design the Pitch Platform for all trades. They are ideal for working safely on the roof. Our Pitch Platform has wide, flat handrails and platforms. The scaffolding contractor in Bendigo designs these trades for people who wish to work safely on roofs. For instance:

    Edge protection

    The Edge Protection is ideal for the first and second floors. It is best for carpenters as it keeps them safe. They use it when standing walls. Also, they utilise it when laying the floor. Our Edge Protection is an economic system. It is also compliant and safe. Hence, it ensures safety for all trades.

    Swinging stages

    Our scaffolding contractor in Bendigo provides the swing stage. It is a flexible service for working on buildings. Cables support the work platforms. The cables are linked to a firm, top rigging system. At Australian Construction we have an efficient rental fleet. It consists of a hoist and a swing stage. Furthermore, it has scaffolding equipment. Therefore, you carry out the work quickly. More importantly, you work safely and efficiently.

    Where are swing stages used?

    Australian Construction mainly uses swing stage scaffold on high-rise 

    and mid-rise buildings. Our team uses them on the exterior. Also, a swing stage scaffold is the ideal access solution for areas with limited space. Our stage scaffolding is used for restoration, repairs and construction of various products. For example, it is best for bridges, scoreboards and water tanks. Also, it is used for the interior or exterior of nearly any building.

    Who utilises swing stages? 

    Swing stage scaffolding is an efficient system.  Given this, contractors can access the workspace on a large building’s exterior. Swing stage scaffolds are an ideal access solution for contractors. This system is best for window cleaners and building maintenance. Additionally, it is also suitable for waterproofing, exterior finishes, etc.


    Australian Construction’s objective is to offer a safe area. Therefore, our clients’ trades can move around the construction site. Also, they can move their materials, tools and plant around quickly.  We are committed to providing safe work practices all the time.

    Call us today for the best scaffolding services in Bendigo!