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Efficient Scaffolding Services in Brisbane

    Australian Construction specialises in major scale scaffolding projects that require complex thinking, time and analysis. We use the most sophisticated scaffolding equipment in Brisbane.  We have established a scaffolding contractor in Brisbane who provides a tailored solution utilising our vast scaffolding experience and knowledge, which we have implemented in a wide variety of projects and industries.

    Our skilled team has extensive experience in scaffolding high-risk and space-restricted areas. They provide access for vital machinery repairs and maintenance jobs.

    A scaffolding contractor in Brisbane supplies scaffolding for jetties, docks and onboard vessels to facilitate paintwork, repairs and functionality in small spaces.

    Australian Construction supplies tailored scaffold and rigging solutions for various industries. You can relax, knowing that our professional team appreciates that the personnel and equipment safety is a top priority.  We will cater to daily schedules, demands, and time limitations.

    Our services

    We have a proven track record. We provide a scaffolding contractor in Brisbane to provide you with a solutions for:

    • Construction
    • Rail Industry
    • Marine Industry
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Residential and commercial
    • Shutdowns and maintenance

    After our qualified team works with you to establish what components the project needs, they can deliver in only three business days, directly from our remarkable-online storage centre. We are proud to surpass customer expectations.

    Hang on Platform

    Our Hang on Working platform decreases labour and hire expenses. The system beams off the structure frame, making ground-up scaffolding unnecessary. It creates big cost savings compared to comprehensive perimeter scaffolding. Hanging scaffolding clears the ground near the building. It facilitates access for different trades while we are installing the roofing, gutter and fascia.

    The adjustable arm lengths system allows installation on structures with eave widths of maximum 1500mm width. It also has a working deck of 1125mm wide.

    The braced mechanism enables Australian Construction to install the trusses from off the functional platform. It is because of the unique bracing system separate from the building frame, and it is self-supporting.

    Advantages of Hang On Scaffold system

    • Affordable scaffold system.
    • We leave the building site of scaffolding clear, enabling unrestricted access.
    • This system enables us to install the roof earlier, decreasing delays because of extreme climate.
    • It enables early access of sub-trades to the building to finalise wall installations.
    • The system hastens the building procedure.
    • You save on scaffold hire expenses since we install hang on scaffolding afterwards when subcontractors need it.

      Hiring Steel Scaffolding      

     Australian Construction combines the Access Guard Proprietary    Systems and Steel Scaffolding, enabling us to give you a full range of edge protection and scaffolding solutions.           

    We use steel scaffolding for projects that need longer hire periods (more than two weeks). It involves block work, brickwork and concrete in the construction procedure. It is because of a higher load rating in contrast to Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding. Our competent team usually works on projects as high as 15 meters to the top working deck.

     Our scaffolding contractor in Brisbane installs steel scaffolding for use on:

    • Multiple housing developments and unit developments.
    • Full house wraps for finishing trades, cladding and roofing.
    • Major renovations to residential and commercial projects.
    • Use on existing structures for major maintenance projects.

    Spanning causeways for vehicular and pedestrian access. At Australian Construction, we provide advisory service, ensuring a site advisory, and allowing you to get a fixed quotation. 

    We promise that the steel scaffold system you hire from us will be suitable for your particular project. We provide steel scaffolding hire throughout Brisbane.

    Mobile & Fixed Scaffold Tower Hire

    Fixed & Mobile Towers

    Our mobile scaffolding gives you an excellent cost-effective option when you require accessing heights within a large surface. Our Australian Construction team assesses your site and provides you with the most suitable access solution.

    This team assembles simple work platforms or complicated advanced buildings. Australian Construction has a wide variety of solutions to meet your requests.

    Therefore, call us to discover how easy it is to get efficient scaffolding. At Australian Construction, we provide a site advisory service ensuring that our customers get a fixed quotation for a suitable tower for their specific work.

    Void Protection Platforms

    The combination of the Voideck proprietary systems and quick ally modular scaffolding enables Australian Construction to provide a full variety of solutions to access vaulted ceilings and fill voids.

    Our efficient and knowledgeable team has installed void protection to use on the following:

    • To give access and replace ceilings in swimming pools and auditoriums.
    • To provide access for replacing air conditioning systems and ceilings in auditoriums.
    • To offer access to workers who are installing factory pipe work.
    • To offer access in stairways for the installation of ceilings, painting and rendering.

    At Australian Construction, we provide advisory service to ensure that our customers get a fixed quotation. We promise a void protection system suitable for your specific project. We provide Australian Construction void protection hire in Brisbane.

    Emergency procedures in the workplace for falls 

    Working with scaffolding poses a great danger because of the high risk of falls in the workplace. Falls can lead to fractures, head injuries or worse. So, industries need to prepare and implement emergency processes in case an accident occurs during scaffolding jobs. You can take some steps to avoid falls in the workplace as follows:

    Emergency procedures

    • Emergency plans and procedures for falls during scaffolding work taking place at your workplace. It is important that the staff knows and understands the protocols.

    Detailed steps should be given to all the staff to guide them in the work site.  The general safety plan should include these guidelines. The processes should consider different scenarios. It will ensure that the falls emergency procedures are enough.

    • Your emergency procedures’ success heavily depends on easy access to the work site. Emergency cars and personnel should not have challenges entering and leaving the work area to enable fast rescue. During the planning, ensure a fast route for rescuers and eliminate any equipment and machines.


    Australian Construction has a unique knowledge base and proven skills of the scaffolding sector. Our project history assures you of our dedication to surpassing our customers’ expectations each time and our team’s success in doing this.

    We will identify your project needs and deliver a better task than any of our competitors!