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    You may be a home-owner with new home construction. Or perhaps you are doing renovations or extending. Alternatively, you might be a builder who is undertaking a residential project. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction knows your precise scaffolding needs. Our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury has handled all types of challenges and scenarios.

    Furthermore, we create affordable scaffolding solutions. Our products are also safe. We have a high reputation in residential and commercial scaffolding services. Additionally, we are renowned for our high-rise scaffolding solutions. Our company is a full-service scaffolding provider. Because of this, we undertake all elements of the job. Our team delivers, erects and dismantles. Moreover, we also deal in the removal and other scaffolding aspects. 

    Residential scaffolding

    Scaffolding is your building’s temporary exoskeleton. As a result, it protects the building. Also, it promotes safety for the people visiting the site daily. Many people visit the site, such as our tradesmen and architects. 

    In addition, real estate agents, inspectors and other site guests come to you site. Australian Construction appreciates the importance of your construction site’s safety. With this in mind, our expert team uses due diligence when erecting your scaffolding.  They also follow legal guidelines. With good scaffolding, your trades provide their best work.

    For this reason, they offer a level-working platform. Similarly, our team ensures the working area is well balanced. As a result, you can walk around easily. You can also carry materials and tools without any hassle.

    Residential scaffolding 

    Our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury specialises in residential scaffolding. Scaffolding is vital for your home when you are constructing or renovating. Whatever your project involves, you should use dependable scaffolding on the site. Besides, you also need the correct kind of scaffolding supplies. It helps in meeting your specific needs. Residential construction jobs involve different factors:

    • Equipment needed
    • Materials used
    • The type of building job

    Whether a job is risky, safe or successful depends on various factors. For example, the quality and type of scaffolding and the installation services determine this. At Australian Construction, we provide various residential scaffolding supplies and products. Our services cater for all types of residential projects. More importantly, we have the correct kind of scaffold solution for all types and sizes of projects.

    Suitable equipment

    Below are some of our essential qualities we implement to give you ideal residential scaffolding hire services:

    • Professionals throughout Australia trust us
    • Years of industry experience
    • Fast response on all questions
    • Our company is Australian owned and operated

    Correct equipment for your project

    The equipment might include safety barrier netting, tarpaulins and sheeting. It may also consist of safety nets or fence tarps. The job size, location and height determine the equipment. Additionally, proximity to public areas is a factor. Likewise, the kinds of trades that will need access are a factor.

    Our team is qualified and experienced. As a result, we carry out your residential scaffolding meticulously. Hence, we ensure safety for everyone involved. You are at peace knowing your work is in capable hands. The reason is that we pay attention to details.

    We handle all sized jobs.

    For all your residential scaffolding needs, talk to our scaffolding contractor in Bunbury. We work with small lot duplexes and high rise apartment buildings. Our company also handles other different structures like unique buildings and steeply sloping blocks.

    Building types

    • Houses
    • Unit blocks
    • High rise apartments
    • Duplexes
    • Town-house complexes
    • Job types
    • Extensions
    • New builds
    • Complete house wraps
    • Renovations 

    Safe and reliable residential scaffolding solutions

    The scaffolding contractor in Bunbury provides complete scaffolding solutions. It means we deliver, erect and dismantle.  We also remove the supplies and scaffolding according to the project’s requirements. Our company has a fleet of trucks and a qualified team. For this reason, we deliver superior quality outcomes. 


    Most of the Australian Construction has vast experience. Our professionals are specialists, and they install residential scaffolding hire. We serve all kinds of projects like painting, plastering and renovations. New home construction is our forte also!

    Therefore call us today for all your residential scaffolding needs!