Expert Scaffolding Contractor In Bundaberg For Hire By Aus Construction


    At Australian Construction, we are proud to work with integrity and precision. We specialise in residential, commercial and industrial scaffolding. Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg handles all sized projects. Furthermore, we use the same expertise and experience for all jobs.  

    Our competent team handles all your scaffolding needs. Moreover, we work efficiently and accurately. The scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg makes safety a priority when working. We appreciate that our line of work is risky. For this purpose, we take optimal care of all our services. For example, our team is meticulous from the briefing stage to set up and completion.

    Australian Construction undertakes work in the mining, oil and gas as well as construction sites. So, we offer industrial scaffolding set-ups. Our competent team provides solutions for shut-downs. We also offer various access solutions to stair towers and temporary enclosures. 

    The company brings vast experience and skills to industrial projects. Therefore we ensure a remarkable scaffolding job. Because your work needs to proceed normally, we complete our work efficiently. As a result, we guarantee minimal downtime.

    Scaffolding services

    We supply custom scaffold for various industries. In addition, we offer rigging solutions. You can have peace of mind. The reason is we understand that personnel and equipment safety is a top priority.  Likewise, we fulfil the demands of everyday schedules. We also meet time constraints demands. Our track record is proven. Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg offers scaffolding solutions for:

    • Residential and commercial
    • Rail industry
    • Marine industry
    • Construction
    • Shut-downs and maintenance
    • Petrochemical plants

    Mobile Scaffolding

    We offer the best quality products. Additionally, provide the best customer service. We avail of our innovative mobile aluminium scaffolding. For this reason, we undertake fast assembly and hire. Our system is unique therefore easy to adjust. 

    The scaffold hire has many benefits. This aluminium equipment offers a lightweight and strong mobile or fixed platform. Similarly, it is lightweight and highly flexible. In light of this, it follows all the applicable health and safety standards

    Again our aluminium mobile scaffolding equipment is simple. Our qualified and trained team erects it easily. Also, you can do it yourself because it does not need any tools for assembling or dismantling. You can pick from our wide range of towers. Alternatively, our skilled specialists can design a tailored solution.

    Benefits of our innovative mobile tower scaffolding system

    • Movable 200mm castors
    • Innovative 400mm step fixing
    • Swagged internal joints (welding is not necessary)
    • You can use each frame as a base frame. Or you can construct a guardrail frame or building frame.
    • Extra wall thickness offers longer frame life

    It is best for use by:

    • Painters
    • Plumbers
    • Ceiling fixers
    • Contractors
    • Builders
    • Interior liners and others

    Mobile rental

    Our scaffolding contractor in Bundaberg does not outsource our scaffold frame building. Instead, we build all our frames in-house. Because of this, we ensure 100% quality control. More importantly, we follow the strict Australian safety standards. Because of our affordable rental costs, you get wonderful value for money.

    Swing stage scaffolding

    You may want a reliable supplier of Sky Climber solutions for your project. In that case, we are your ideal solution. We are happy to supply the globally famous Sky Climber modular work hoists and platforms. They are currently accessible in various features. Also, they are available in different sizes for your suspended access requirements.


    At Australian Construction our staff has years of experience in the industry. For this reason, you are assured of being in great hands for your scaffolding needs. We work hard on all the projects. As a result, we ensure all our clients get the ideal service and product. We will be glad to give you more information about our unique scaffolding services.

    Therefore, talk to us today and we will meet all your scaffolding needs!