Cairns Scaffolding Contractor Services | Residential & Commercial


    Do you know you can have a safe construction project? For this reason, use Australian Construction’s premium structure support. Our scaffolding contractor in Cairns specialises in erecting and dismantling scaffolding equipment. Furthermore, we have years of experience.

    We are proud to serve all industries. For example, we provide services to businesses and homes. Also, we help major industrial services in Cairns.  Our scaffolding contractor in Cairns appreciates that each project is unique. 

    Because of this, our professionals treat each job differently. We provide different scaffolds. For example, we offer event staging and mobile scaffolding. In addition, we offer aluminium towers and grandstands. We supply these structures on demand. 

    Our exclusive services

    We construct your site-specific scaffolds. Our team produces the scaffolds for domestic projects. Additionally, we build them for big commercial construction sites. The scaffold is suitable for different projects. They are helpful for commercial and domestic construction sites.

    The scaffolding contractor in Cairns offers Kwikstage Steel scaffolding. We also provide aluminium products. Your site requirements determine this. Equally important, we recognise that the major projects are complex. Because of this, we work harder for our clients. As a result, we produce comprehensive 3D drawings. We also offer safety diagrams for larger, more complex works.

    Australian Construction has a competent team. Therefore, they are not intimidated by narrow worksites. Slopping blocks do not scare them either! Given this, we work with you. With this in mind, we give you the ideal solution. Because of this, you keep your project running. 

    Our company helps you with government buildings and retail developments. Also, we handle sheds, factories and schools. Additionally, we work in residential areas.

    The scaffolding contractor in Cairns is skilled enough to work with mining and military projects. We also work with the local and state government. Our firm respects the value of compliance necessary to complete these projects. 

    The Australian Construction team undergoes regular induction. The team, therefore, have experience in large-scale companies and worksites. Due to this, we are confident when working with your corporate team. So, we ensure a flawless procedure. 

    A licensed scaffolding company like Australian Construction should install all scaffolding. It is crucial if there is a danger of falling more than four meters. Our team is experienced and qualified. Because of this, you remain compliant. Provided that, you can avoid trouble with the Work Place Health & Safety authorities!

    The ideal support structures

    The scaffolding contractor in Cairns provides various services. These services extend to commercial clients. We also help residential and industrial clients; hence our skilled team works on multiple projects. They handle construction work and total plant shut-downs. 

    Our company also works on mining projects. They also help in confined space work and shut-down planning. Despite the job scope, our team supplies the correct equipment. We also use suitable labour. Given this, your project operates safely.

    Australian Construction scaffolding equipment

    • System scaffolds
    • Safe access solutions
    • Commercial & residential scaffolds
    • Tube and coupling scaffolds
    • Aluminium mobile towers

    The scaffolding contractor has state of the art 3D planning software. In light of this, we ideally draft and design your scaffold needs.  The technology is beneficial and is especially useful in planning extensive industrial-sized scaffolding. It includes total plant shut-downs. Mining projects and confined space work applies here also. 

    • 3D plans are accessible for:
    • Commercial & residential scaffolding
    • Industrial projects like shut-downs
    • Event planning – grandstands & stages


    Suppose you want to clean windows on a multi-storey building. In that case, we have you covered. Additionally, we can supply the staging you need if you are organising an event. For this reason, your project becomes a success. 

    Australian Construction offers all the regular scaffolding services. In addition, we provide staging scaffold. Also, we offer grandstand scaffolding and mobile aluminium towers.

    We will be happy to provide all your scaffolding needs today!