Licensed Scaffolding Contractor In Canberra For Hire By Aus Construction


    Australian Construction offers industrial scaffolding services. Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra provides residential and commercial scaffolding solutions. We have an experienced team with excellent customer service. Furthermore, they provide skilled artistry. 

    We provide reliable services and deliver on time. Moreover, we offer affordable results for our customers. The company’s comprehensive inventory is flexible. Therefore, it can suit various commercial projects and developments. We provide unique and innovative scaffold solutions. These solutions are suitable for complex and constricted areas. 

    Industrial scaffold services

    The scaffolding contractor in Canberra offers various services. We offer industrial and commercial scaffolding services. Because of this, we serve different sectors. For example, we handle resources, industrial and commercial.

    Oil, gas and resources industry

    We offer services and products to Australia’s biggest oil and gas companies. It includes the best equipment and superior on-site capabilities. We enhance our procedures at all times. For this reason, we check our operating processes. Therefore, we recognise new dangers specific to every industry sector. 

    Our main priority is safety and quality. Given this, the two elements are crucial regarding meeting client project needs. It applies to the dangerous surroundings affecting the oil and gas sector. Our team is very disciplined. In other words, they work meticulously. So, they eliminate dangers that arise in these conditions. Given this, it ensures our employees and clients are safe.

    Our company has strict recruitment method and training. Because of this, our oil and gas customers are confident with our services. The reason is that at all times we meet the high demand for maintenance in the industry.

    We provide a full range of scaffold management. In addition, we offer specialised industrial scaffolding services. It includes:

    • Encapsulation
    • Tube and fit
    • Rope access
    • Maintenance
    • Design and engineering
    • Rigging labour-hire
    • Scaffolding labour-hire
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Project management
    • Scaffolding superintendents and supervision


    Australian Construction has vast experience. We are skilled in offering commercial scaffolding solutions for major construction projects. Our team presents vast in-house design and engineering. We also offer planning and on-site capabilities. In light of this, we give our commercial customers project management benefits. 

    Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra has highly experienced operation teams. With this in mind, we have the expertise to develop complex programs. Therefore, we deliver in highly demanding project circumstances.

    It can be a hassle to estimate the price of commercial scaffolding for construction work. However, we give clients an unsurpassed level of service.


    Australian Construction has great experience with heritage restoration work. It includes ancient government buildings and churches. Old buildings are renovated throughout. Hence heritage works are in great demand. For this reason, we understand that special care is necessary. It protects these properties’ natural beauty. It also prevents distraction from any surrounding beauty. 

    Our team is diligent and careful when arranging scaffold structures close to heritage buildings. Only our most skilled technicians handle this assemblage. So, it facilitates peace of mind.

    Many heritage sites are available to the public as construction or restoration work takes place. Our scaffolding contractor in Canberra works hard to ensure the building remains attractive. We test all our scaffold structures highly. So, we ensure the working tradesmen are safe.


    Australian Construction is passionate about working with our customers. Because of this, we deliver superior products and services. We also ensure these services and products are suitable for them. 

    Our professional team designs, engineers and supplies our products. The programs we offer are detailed. Because of that, they identify hidden costs and risks. We are a reputable scaffolding company. Our company establishes strict testing and inspection procedures on its equipment. So, we ensure safety in future.

    Call us today for all your scaffolding needs in Canberra!