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    Australian Construction offers various scaffolding services. We provide affordable services. These services match your budget as well. Our scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast uses our specialised, premium scaffolding system. 

    We provide labour services. Additionally, we provide hire services for the builder or home-owner. We help you with all kinds of jobs, small or big. You may be involved in a project that needs scaffolding. In that case, call us now. An expert member of our team will assist you with your scaffolding requirements.

    Residential scaffolding

    We assist home-owners with various scaffolding solutions. Our scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast provides different services. It includes:

    • Aluminium Quickstage Scaffolding: It is ideal for a home-owner who wants to enter complex areas. These areas may be outside or inside the home. We have a lightweight system and expert staff. Because of this, you have peace of mind.
    • Aluminium mobile scaffolds: You might not need our complete scaffolding services. In that case, you require an Aluminium Mobile Scaffold. We have lightweight mobile scaffolds. As a result, you can easily build them. This scaffold is ideal for clear access in your area.

    Commercial Fit-out

    Our company guarantees you a safe job site! All our work follows the Workcover requirements. Furthermore, our staff is experienced and professional. When you contact us, we arrange a site meeting. Given this, we assess your requirements. We then determine how we can assist you.

    The scaffolding contractor on the Central Coast then makes a plan.  We set a suitable time for starting and completing the job. Because of this, our expert team promises efficiency. We work carefully throughout the work stages. Also, we provide engineer certification services.

    We ensure our staff is trained. They know the job site specifications. At Australian Construction, we have also completed various Strata scaffolding work. Therefore, we comprehend the specialised requirements of strata work.

    Our specialised services

    Confined spaces

    To us, safety is paramount. Given that, our expert team undertakes thorough risk assessments on confined space areas. They do this before starting work.

    We have a trained and experienced team. Hence, our staff undertakes scaffolding work in small spaces. Also, they make sure they work efficiently. In addition, they work safely.

    Rail industry work

    We have a trained and experienced team who work safely around track work. Our expert team is Rail Industry Safety Induction certified. Because of this, they comprehend the simple hazards linked to the rail environment. We have worked around rail tracks. Due to this, we ensure safety, efficiency and quality.

    Engineer specifications

    We provide you with a complete engineered service. This service includes sign offs, testing and drawings. Australian Construction works with experienced and reliable engineers. Furthermore, they ensure they design and build the scaffold with optimal quality safety standards. Because of this, your job site remains safe.

    Hire & sales

    We are specialists in Aluminium Quickstage scaffold. Aluminium Quickstage is a fairly new concept. Already, it is famous in Australia. For this reason, small and large builders use it. If you want to improve the home, you can also use it. The scaffolds have a lightweight design and modular components. They are also flexible. Consequently, transporting them is easy, making work simple.

    Aluminium Quickstage scaffold has a design that enables it to access places used scaffold cannot. Its lightweight design enables us to build it on any surfaces. These surfaces feature a low load rating. For instance, surfaces like paved and tiled areas and roofs.


    Australian Construction is your ideal choice for jobs with height issues. Our scaffolding is strong, durable and safe. Also, it features a design that surpasses Australian standards. Our scaffolding gives you an affordable solution. It is especially useful for height or access problems.

    Call us today for the best scaffolding services on the Central Coast