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    Australian Construction meets your entire high rise scaffolding needs. We service commercial and residential projects. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has the knowledge and experience. For this reason, we ensure all personnel are safety trained. In addition, we facilitate easy movement for materials and people around the building.

    We buy our equipment and hire our staff. Given this, we have affordable rates. Our company is keen to work with you. Therefore, we respond fast to your queries. Also, we offer a quick turnaround on our quotations. 

    At Australian Construction Services, your deadlines and budget are our priority. The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has experience with high-value projects. For this reason, we comprehend the influences that can impact the outcomes. 

    Our team works efficiently and fast. More importantly, we work safely. Because of this, we prepare your high-rise scaffolding for use. The scaffold surpasses expectations. Also, our scaffolds prevent the occurrence of harmful incidents. Such incidents can harm finances and time.

    Innovative solutions & techniques

    The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has immense experience in industrial scaffolding. Because of this, we offer you expertise from other areas in Australia apart from Coffs Harbour. Because of this, we offer locally famous methods. Additionally, we are experts in the tube and clip method.

    Australian Construction specialises in all scaffolding erection system. It includes the most difficult to master. Such complex tasks need years of training. It enables us to be versatile. So, we erect scaffolds for buildings with these features:

    • Hard to access
    • Sloped
    • Have tall structures
    • Unique architecture

    Industrial type scaffolds are often complicated because of several factors. These are pipe-work, valves, and flanges, as well as ducting. It especially applies to the modular type scaffolds we mainly use in the area. Under these circumstances, we suggest an innovative system. Hence, it overcomes these challenges.

    Industrial scaffolding maintenance

    The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour has a full range of services. These are height-access products solutions. They help you reduce costs, save time and enhance safety. Because of our industrial maintenance scaffolding solutions, we give our clients more value. 

    These benefits are:

    • Decreased costs:We have created a unique and verified approach to industrial scaffolding. Moreover, we provide value to our customers. For this purpose, we assess projects thoroughly and offer clear pricing.
    • Enhanced safety:At Australian Construction, efficiency and safety are paramount. Our expert team utilises intelligent methods and planning. Because of this, we eliminate hazards and also improve productivity.
    • Saving time:The scaffolding contractor in Coffs Harbour provides advanced industrial scaffolding methods. Consequently, this reduces shut-down time for maintenance jobs.  Using our solutions, your plant resumes operations faster. As a result, you save money and time. 

    Our specialised industrial scaffolding hire services

    We offer specialised industrial scaffolding hire services. These services are available for all types of industrial applications. Our company has serviced premier mining, oil and gas and power generation firms in Australia. Furthermore, we have provided efficient and safe access solutions. The services we provide include:

    • Oil & gas
    • Power generation
    • Resources and mining
    • Extensions
    • Education & government
    • Industrial maintenance
    • Infrastructure
    • Government & education 

    We have suitable systems for managing materials, transport and labour. Hence, we form an efficient surrounding for our clients. Our dedicated team is always prepared to mobilise. So, they provide emergency or scheduled industrial scaffolding hire.


    Australian Construction is popular for our scaffolding services in Coffs Harbour. The reason for this is our quality units, which follow industry standards. Also, our units meet the government-approved safety levels. Our team has years of experience in the industry. As a result, they respond quickly to all your queries and give you a free quote.

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