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Ideal Scaffolding Services On The Gold Coast

    Aluminium scaffolding, mobiles, edge protection and steel scaffolding are some of the services we provide at Australian Construction. Whether you are a private homeowner, developer or builder, our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has the ideal products for you to get the project completed efficiently and safely.

    Australian Construction has a team of experts who provide the appropriate scaffold and height access solution whenever you require it, at a guaranteed cost-effective price. No job is too complex, small or big for us. We promise you a solution for all your safety and height access requirements.

    Why choose Australian Construction?

    Australian Construction provides specialist scaffolding services for the civil, resource, industrial and commercial sectors. Our years of experience has given us a brilliant knowledge base and proven skills in the scaffolding sector.

    Our project history will help you recognise how dedicated we are in surpassing our customers’ expectations each time and our success in doing it. We guarantee you that we will determine your project requirements and deliver the services better than our competitors.

    To Australian Construction, safety is paramount. Because of this, we have implemented an Occupational Health and Safety Management mechanism, which complements our Quality Management systems. The two systems are separately certified to follow ISO 9001 standards and AS/NZS 4801.

    Scaffolding contractor  Services

    Whether you have a big or small job, our Australian Construction team of experts can assist with your next project. We utilise our contracting services to inspect, transport, erect and dismantle for you.

    Our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has staff that are certified, experienced and dedicated in scaffolding. Each scaffold we construct is licensed as safe, adhering to the WorkCover state requirements, depending on where we erect it.

    In most cases, we appoint an estimator to visit your site first to discuss your precise needs.  We then calculate all the scaffolding factors accurately, that is, the scaffold tower’s design and present a list of equipment.

    After this, the Australian Construction team loads the equipment on to our vehicles and moves them to your site.  Our team then begins unloading and setting up the scaffold tower where you and our team controller agree.

    After we complete the erection stage, our licensed expert who organised the build presents a scaffold ticket for the constructed tower. The ticket is binding for 30 days, and it is essential for all scaffolds exceeding 4m in height. We provide this for all our constructions.

    After completing your project, as per the agreement between you and our Team Controller, our team arrives back onsite and safely and quickly dismantles your tower.

    From there they will load it to our vehicles and take it away. The scaffolding contractor providing services on the Gold Coast performs the entire procedure to ensure we assure you of our exemplary safety and efficiency record each time.

    Australian Construction Scaffolding Hire

    We have a committed team to help you if you want to hire equipment or hire scaffolding.  The design of our scaffolding is meant to surpass the Australian Standards, and it is why we use the T-6-6061 aluminium alloy. It sustains its power even when weathered or grazed. We give you the same specification equipment that our skilled scaffolders utilise each day and the ones on sale.

    It is known as Dry Hire in the scaffolding sector. It qualifies when you hire equipment from a scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast, but you dismantle and erect it yourself.

    Please note that a certified scaffolder like Australian Construction should sign off any scaffold more than 4m high as WorkCover requirements compliant, at least every thirty days.

    Our fully skilled team of advanced scaffolding contractors can help install and take down your scaffolding if required. However, you can perform all the small, simple tasks.

    We have foldable scaffolds, scaffolding accessories, ladders, scaffolding towers, mobile scaffolding, scaffolding systems, kwikstage walk-thru scaffolding and more hire equipment to help you with anything concerning your project.

    If you want customised services like confined space solutions, hoarding or stair access solutions, study our Specialised Services page. In case of any questions, the Australian Construction team can help you choose the ideal scaffolding solution for your requirements.

    For foldable scaffolds for small jobs or a comprehensive gear list for a 4m-scaffold tower for hire call us today. Australian Construction has folding mini scaffolds, aluminium mobile scaffold, accessories, walk-through scaffolding systems, scaffolding sales and buy or hire, and labour hire throughout Australia. We have a committed team to help you if you want specialised scaffolding services.

    Our scaffolding contractor on the Gold Coast has the following scaffolding specialised services:

    Stair Access Solution

    We provide a full variety of stair access solutions from 1m to 20m. Our team erects our superior aluminium scaffolding and places secure and easily navigated stairways in the scaffolding structure.

    The team also works fast and efficiently, giving you total external access to all stages of your selected worksite. It is especially useful if you need to work near existing access areas and fire escapes.

    Confined Space Solutions

    The Australian Construction team performs strict risk assessment and planning before they enter a small area. Our trained and experienced scaffolders are qualified in efficient and safe access to small spaces. They are also skilled in forming a scaffolding structure to give you a safe platform for your chosen requirements.

    We appreciate how crucial safety is when working with small spaces. It is why we value efficiency, and our team delivers your work on time. The scaffolding contractor we have on the Gold Coast continually trains and works with small places, ensuring reliability and safety every time.


    We have a fast and simple system, ideal to meet your requirements when you need ‘A’ Class Hoarding for a long or short time. Australian Construction has experience in offering hoarding in high traffic spaces, with general public access. Our competent team is skilled and fulfils your requirements fast and efficiently with minimum disruption.


    Whether you have a small or big project, Australian Construction is ready to help you complete your next, specialised scaffolding work. Our licensed, professional and fully qualified scaffolders transport, erect, review and disassemble for you. The Australian Construction team uses this whole procedure to access complicated-to-access areas, from design to dismantle.

    To learn more about our specialised scaffolding services, call us today on 1800 155 881!