Hervey Bay Scaffolding Contractor For Hire With 15 Years Experience


    At Australian Construction, we are proud of our exceptional service. We share our expertise and knowledge. Given this you increase your profits. Additionally, we enhance your safety. Our scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay has years of experience. Therefore, we appreciate the needs of managing a safe and efficient project.

    As a result, we use our technical and mechanical knowledge. So, we plan and implement scaffolding solutions. Our skilled team is meticulous. Furthermore, we prioritise your needs. We offer tailor made scaffolds for your project. We consult with you to understand your project needs. 

    Australian Construction also finds out your time frames. We also determine the work involved. Moreover, we offer safe and functional scaffold hire solution. Therefore, your different trades can work on-site easily.

    Australian Construction Stair access towers

    Many sites use short-term stair access points instead of ladder access points. Because of this, staff and materials have faster access. Scaffold stair accesses are used as separate stair tower. Also, they can be used on a perimeter scaffold. Their work is to facilitate roof or basement access. 

    Our Scaffold stair access towers come in a standard scaffold bay of 2.44m x 1.27m. Every stair riser has a height of 1.5m. It also has a landing bottom and top. Accessing from the side is ideal. However, you can access from the end.

    Stretcher stair access

    Most projects need stretcher stair access on the site. It is especially useful when you are working on existing buildings. The reason is that these buildings remain occupied as work goes on. Some on-sites have restricted entry to the building. Under such circumstances, you should expect the worst.

    Supposing an accident occurs and the scaffold is the sole entry and exit point. In this case, you should have this product. This structure has a scaffold stair featuring broad stairs. Also, it has landings created purposely to enable a stretcher and patient to be moved out.

    Kwikstage scaffolding

    The Australian Construction Kwikstage scaffold is best for commercial and domestic projects. It is ideal when you are working 2m or higher. This scaffold is our favourite when servicing Hervey Bay. Kwikstage is a well-known modular scaffold system (heavy duty). It uses a ‘V’ pressing and ‘wedge.” For this purpose, it locates components and locks them together. It ensures vertical alignment without moving.

    The scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay assembles the Kwikstage scaffold to fulfil client needs. For example, requirements like maintaining driveway access. Or projects like building over gardens as well as gantry scaffolds over footpaths. 

    Advantages of Kwikstage scaffolding

    You may have an industrial or commercial project. Or perhaps your project involves church buildings. Under these circumstances, Kwikstage Scaffolding gives clients stability and design flexibility. Because of this, they can complete building projects fast and safely. Kwikstage utilises a modular framework design. Additionally, In Australia, it is the most prevalently used scaffolding system.

    Some advantages of Kwikstage Scaffolding are:

    • Heavy duty or light steel scaffold system. It features special duty load platforms. Also, it has public protection designs.
    • This scaffold offers safe accesses and work areas on your building site.
    • It is a modular system. So, it provides design flexibility to tailor a solution for your project’s height safety.
    • Erecting is fast, and we dismantle quickly. In light of this, you save your building project money and time.
    • Applications for Kwikstage scaffolding

    We use the Australian Construction Kwikstage scaffolding for:

    • Maintaining stone walls and masonry
    • Guardrails and roof protection
    • Industrial and commercial construction work
    • Stairway access to basements and rooftops and a lot more


    Whatever project you have, we customise a scaffold solution. For this reason, we meet your particular needs. If your building project needs scaffold, the scaffolding contractor in Hervey Bay provides the ideal height safety solution.

    Get in touch with us today for scaffold hire that suits all your needs!