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    Australian Construction is a leader in the provision of edge protection services. We also offer end-to-end height access. We have vast experience in this sector. As a result, we rank top in Hobart. The main aim of our scaffolding contractor in Hobart is to offer our customers unmatched safety services. 

    Our team works to provide excellence. We are also sincere and committed to our work. The scaffolding contractor in Hobart works under a strict code of conduct. Therefore we follow genuine work ethics and dedication. We have top-notch technology. Coupled with highly skilled labourers, we provide affordable solutions to our clients. 

    Our company offers safety services. For this reason, we are a leader in height safety. We also provide edge protection for construction industries. We have reputable products in the industry. It is because we care about keeping Australian employees safe.

    Swinging stage

    We have a range of suspended swinging stage scaffolding solutions. Our company uses industry-leading technology. Because of this, your team works fast and safely. Whatever size or shape you need, call us today. The scaffolding contractor in Hobart will formulate a plan to save you money. Additionally, we will save you time and ensure your team’s safety also.

    Cantilevered scaffolding

    We can cantilever a scaffold platform safely for your project. Furthermore, your workers will not be at risk. Australian Construction’s cantilevered scaffold systems can do exactly this. We have the best equipment. Coupled with an experienced team, we transform your scaffolding’s structure.

    For years, we have delivered access. Not only do we do it safely but efficiently. We use our cantilevered systems. As a result, we access areas that seemed impossible before. Call us today, and we will demonstrate how we can do it!

    Bridging & large spans

    Our scaffolding contractor in Hobart uses market-leading technology and equipment. Due to this, our skilful team spans over big areas. For example, they span rivers and creeks. Additionally, they span bridges and holes. We can build our engineered structures away from the work-site. After this, we lift them into position. That is, across a river or road.

    Imagine what possibilities it presents for your next big span project! Not to mention, this system brings cost and time benefits. Call us today. We will be happy to guide you on how we can provide such a project. 

    Residential scaffold

    We provide superior residential and commercial scaffold in Hobart. Our various scaffolding supplies include wood. We also have metal poles and tarpaulin. It also includes other important elements. Our tools are formulated to support your residential construction. We also help your renovation projects to come to successful completion. Scaffolding presents an important aspect of the home.

    Scaffolding is a crucial element of a home while it is being renovated or constructed. Under these circumstances, you need reliable scaffolding on-premises. Moreover, it would help if you had the appropriate scaffolding supplies during any outdoor projects.

    Commercial scaffold

    Australian Construction provides quality commercial scaffold solutions. Furthermore, we offer various scaffolding supplies to clients. Our products depend on the scale and size of their projects. We build or renovate lovely town-houses and buildings. Given this, your business profits tremendously.

    Specialised commercial scaffold

    Expert grade scaffolding is essential for your construction site. You may be working on a new construction project. Or you might be undertaking a renovation drive or full restoration. Under those circumstances, our scaffolding rental services are extremely helpful for experts. For instance, professionals like roofers, councils, renders and painters. 


    We have various scaffolding supplies.  For example, we have scaffolding maintenance. Our scaffolding contractor in Hobart offers scaffold rentals for commercial scaffold requirements. These services are also available for residential and commercial projects. From high-end building needs to more economical works, we offer solutions for all of these. 

    Therefore, call us today for your scaffolding needs!