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    At Australian Construction, we are skilled in scaffolding services. In other words, we have significant experience. Our scaffolding contractor in Launceston is highly qualified. Furthermore, we have worked in various industries. 

    We have served the commercial building sector. Additionally, the residential and petrochemical sectors have used our services. We aim to provide top quality services. Besides, our services are affordable.  

    Our relationship with clients and associated tradespeople is excellent. More importantly, we provide superior and safe scaffolding projects. The Australian Construction scaffolding is also highly functional. 

    Safety focused

    The scaffolding contractor in Launceston has great expertise. In addition, we have an experienced team. We implement our quality artistry in our work. Also, our team uses top safety procedures.

    Unique solutions

    Australian Construction offers design and engineering services. We handle even the most complicated scaffolding and access needs.

    Construction safety services

    Our company has the resources and experience. Because of this, we provide ‘whole project’ personnel and access. We also offer project management and scaffolding.  In Launceston, we are your choice firm. The reason is we offer all services connected to scaffolding. Our services are also related to height access. For example:

    Skilled labour-hire

    • Scaffolding sale, rental and material hire
    • Site inspection reports
    • 16t crane trucks, 4WD vehicles, and OHS Scissor Lifts 12t
    • Scaffolding systems & related materials skilled operators.

    We have an inventory of vehicles and scaffolding. Besides, we have various scaffolding. For this reason, we give our clients different—access related services. We do so on a long-term or short-term basis.

    Edge protection

    Australian Construction edge protection ranks top in the market. We use creative solutions and revolutionary products. As a result, we are altering the look of the edge protection market! Our scaffolding contractor in Launceston specialises in steel mesh safety screens. We use them for building constructions. We design our steel mesh to follow Australian standards. Therefore, we meet all requirements.

    The design of these screens enhances the safety of construction workers and people near them. More importantly, it increases their productivity. Our screens facilitate efficient and smooth building work. The work is carried out at high levels of high-rise structures. 

    We have technicians and designers with vast knowledge about structures. Similarly, they are aware of safety requirements. 

    For years, we have served numerous large companies. Due to this, we have become famous for our professionalism. 

    This experience, together with our quality technology, gives our clients outstanding outcomes. We have affordable perimeter protection screens. Installing them is easy, and they are safer. After the installation of our protective screens, users have peace of mind. The reason is people working on or near their projects are safe.

    Advantages of edge protection

    Edge protection offers an affordable and reliable solution. The solution is ideal for building finishing trades. It is also best for commercial edge protection. Form workers use perimeter safety screens to create form up slab levels. Hence, they use enough edge protection essential for all builders and trades. So, they maintain a one level edge protection all the time.  They remain in place until the screens need lifting. 

    Self-climbing hydraulic screens have some benefits. The most popular benefit is avoiding the utilisation of on-site crane time. The development site is busy and needs crane usage. Therefore, developers appreciate the apparent benefits of this innovative system.

    Our skilled team lifts each screen separately. We use the exclusive hydraulic lifting mechanism. It provides a safe and straightforward operating system. Because of this, it raises all sized screens. Some advantages of this hydraulic system are:

    • Different adapters to match any size screen
    • Load locking system
    • Remote control to work safely


    Our trained scaffolding contractor in Launceston is an expert in the construction sector. Coupled with this, we have crane operated hydraulic screen solutions. We also offer crane operated hydraulic screen services. In light of this, Australian Construction is your go-to company.

    It will be our pleasure to hear from you today about your scaffolding needs!