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Use The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Melbourne

    Australian Construction is the leading firm in the hire and installation of Kwikstage scaffolding. We use this heavy-duty modular method for external works at different heights in Melbourne. We have many years of experience, and our team is very skilled and follows OH&S obligations. Our scaffolding contractor in Melbourne mainly aims to ensure your building site is safe and presents the appropriate equipment and support required for completion.

    We are famous for our safe, reliable and quick scaffolding services and we guarantee competitive prices and on-time delivery.

    Australian Construction offers top quality products in the market with heavy-duty scaffolding for sale and hires in Melbourne and Australia.

    All our scaffolding sales have the support of Quality Assured Accreditation. So, our customers have peace of mind, knowing that our products will withstand high-risk circumstances.

    We also provide long term and short-term construction scaffolding rental agreements, suitable for our customers’ project requirements.

    Our services

    The scaffolding contractor in Melbourne are specialists in scaffold platform hire as follows:

    • Ringlock
    • Kwikstage
    • Aluminium ladder
    • Wide scaffolding
    • Aluminium tower
    • Tube and coupler

    Whether you require repairing and maintaining a bridge or need top ringlock scaffolding suppliers, Australian Construction provides a range of services like scaffolding sales and small scaffold hire to suit your needs.  Call our expert team for all your scaffold equipment hire requirements.

    Our hire scaffolding follows the Australian Safety Standards.

    Safety is a prime consideration when you are looking for quality scaffolding to hire. Australian Construction ensures that we maintain our scaffolding for hire to follow strict Australian workplace safety and health rules.  We manufacture all scaffolding equipment utilising high-quality materials.

    Our skilled team is comprehensively trained and accredited to repair and service all hire scaffolding. For more details about our scaffolding for sale or hire, you are welcome to contact us by phone or online. We provide long and short-term rental in Melbourne.

    Scaffolding Project Management Services

    Australian Construction provides full scaffold management services. Our comprehensive scaffolding project management service involves scaffold engineering, scaffold design, site logistics, scaffolding management, human resources requirements, pre-start evaluations and a solid culture of collaboration with all stakeholders and trades.

    A scaffolding contractor in Melbourne applies scaffolding services and management skills to rail, scaffolding, bridge and road, oil and gas, marine, encapsulation and mining settings. By eliminating any complexities and challenges involved in using a scaffold, our skilled scaffold designer can create a safer and smoother result to decrease workplace injury occurrences.

    Australian Construction also helps you create a scaffolding plan to prepare for the scaffold and access your next project’s requirement, maximising efficiency and enhancing site logistics.

    Useful Expert scaffolding Management Services

    Australian Construction provides our comprehensive scaffolding management services all over Australia. Our highly qualified scaffolding project management team gets regular training to offer reliable service in:

    Our philosophy is founded on optimising efficiency, value, safety and customer-focused service. Call our scaffold engineering specialists or professional scaffolding design if you want to know more about our scaffolding services.

    Engineering and Design

    Australian Construction offers a total design and engineering service for all support and access requirements. We ensure that all clients, legislative and regulatory needs are met.

    We offer 2D or 3D detailed design layouts, engineering accreditation and create scope plans. The plans ensure efficiency and safety is a priority, facilitating the achievement of all project milestones.

    At Australian Construction, we aim to make our customers feel confident that we comprehend their access programs and our team identifies any likely problems before they start the project. It enhances safety control. Also, recognising operations enables our customers to monitor project progress independently.

    Onsite Services

    Australian Construction onsite services are unequalled, making our firm exceptional. Our customers know they can trust us because Australian Construction does not outsource any element of our business.

    We give our labour team unique training, promising a high-quality control and timely project delivery rate. The scaffolding contractor services we provide in Melbourne are audited often and tested, ensuring that we maintain these high standards.

    Our labour abilities include:

    • Advanced Riggers
    • Advanced scaffolders
    • Labourers
    • Forklift operators
    • Dogmen
    • Non-slewing crane operators

    Our specialists receive:

    • First aid training
    • Rail qualifications
    • Confined space training

    Industrial scaffold services

    Australian Construction provides excellent industrial and commercial scaffolding services for various sectors, such as resources, industrial and commercial.

    Gas, Oil and Resources sector

    Our competent team provides services and products to Australia’s major oil and gas firms. It includes the ideal equipment and onsite abilities. We continuously improve our processes by inspecting our operating procedures and recognising new dangers, specific to every industry sector.

    We intensely focus on safety and quality. These two elements are essential to meet client project requirements in the dangerous environments surrounding the oil and gas sector.

    We have a multi-disciplined team that works thoroughly to alleviate dangers from these conditions, ensuring our customers and employees are safe.

    Our scaffolding contractor based in Melbourne has a robust approach to hiring and training, making our oil and gas customers confident that our resources always meet top maintenance standards in the sector.

    We provide an entire range of specialised industrial and scaffold management scaffolding services like:

    • Encapsulation
    • Tube and fit
    • Rope access
    • Maintenance
    • Design and engineering
    • Rigging labour-hire
    • Scaffolding labour-hire
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Project management
    • Scaffolding supervision & superintendents


    Australian Construction has vast experience in supplying commercial scaffolding solutions for major construction projects in Melbourne and Australia. We have widespread, planning engineering, in-house design and onsite capabilities that offer outstanding management benefits to our commercial clients.

    We combine professional scaffolding contractor operations and a skilled technical team in Melbourne to create complex programs and deliver during significantly demanding project scenarios.

    It can be challenging to estimate commercial scaffolding costs for a construction project. However, Australian Construction cost planning qualifications eliminates this hassle and gives customers a level of service that is rarely matched.


    Australian Construction’s strict safety, performance and quality standards implemented on the products, and the people responsible for our industrial scaffolding services show our dedication in giving our customers the best. We work independently, ensuring that we always uphold these standards.

    Call us today on 1800 155 881 to meet all your scaffolding services requirements in Melbourne.