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    The Australian Construction team offers expertise. We also provide unique processes. Because of this, our team completes all projects successfully. Our scaffolding contractor in Melton presents a customised solution for every project. All our team members have vast experience. Given this, we provide our services to various projects in Melton. Our objective is to give you quality service.

    As a result, we ensure your project follows your budget. We also stick to the time frame. The Australian Construction services are ISO Quality accredited. Moreover, we work according to strict safety standards. 

    We design solutions that meet your needs. Furthermore, we mobilise the correct people. In addition, we ensure our team has the right capabilities for the site as needed. More importantly, we deliver the work safely and efficiently. Additionally, we work on budget and on time. Therefore, we solve any problems fast in case they come up.

    Mine site scaffolding

    Australian Construction has years of experience. Our company has provided tailored scaffolding solutions to big organisations in the resources and mining sectors. Our scaffolding contractor in Melton is popular. It is because we have managed complex scaffolding needs. For example, our team has serviced offshore and onshore locations. We consistently deliver reliable and safe solutions.

    Also, we aim to help reduce downtimes for all projects. We also ensure significant productivity. Moreover, we prevent additional costs. We are dedicated and have expertise. Due to this, we offer top-quality artistry. As a result, we have established the reputation of Melton’s top mine scaffolding contractor.

     Our specialised scaffolding services

    The scaffolding contractor in Melton has broad experience. We are also capable of handling different projects. Our expert team has provided scaffolding services to gas plants. Also, our services extend to iron ore, gold coal and various commodities. Australian Construction is highly skilled in tailoring modular and tube.  We design fitting scaffolding as well. For this reason, it matches even complicated mine site structures. 

    Full mine scaffolding solutions

    We offer a fully designed registered and certified scaffold.  Our team supplies a complete mine scaffolding solution for your project. These solutions remain effective for the entire duration of our project.

    That is, our services remain effective from start to finish. We ensure we understand your project’s nature. Additionally, our team finds out the project requirements and desired results. The senior team members design a suitable scaffolding solution.

    After this, we construct, transport and install your scaffolding at the site. The scaffolding contractor in Melton makes the essential changes to your mine scaffolding. We do this in the course of your capital project. Or we can do it before dismantling your scaffold fully after completion.

    Reliable scaffolding services

    Australian Construction has developed different unique systems. For this reason, our team has support when working on mine sites remotely.  We have tailor-designed 44t sea containers. Therefore, it stores all our team needs. At times, an urgent situation or unexpected change in status may occur. Under these circumstances, our team needs to access the right equipment fast.

    Apart from our mobile sea containers, we have also created numerous MOSY trucks. They are also known as Mobile On-Site Yard trucks. Similarly, we deploy MOSY trucks to the site fast. For this reason, our team is equipped with whatever is needed.


    Australian Construction has experience. Moreover, we have technical abilities. As a result, we confidently handle your mine scaffolding needs. So, we ensure we complete your project on time and within your budget. 

    Our team works with you from beginning to end. Additionally, we implement your solution and enhance it as required.  Furthermore, we disassemble your scaffolding after completion.

    Talk to our competent team today and discuss your scaffolding project needs!