Professional Qualified & Established Scaffolding Contractor In Newcastle


Ensure Quality Scaffolding Services In Newcastle

    Whether your job is small or big, our scaffolding contractor in Newcastle can assist with your next project. When you utilise our contracting services, you enjoy our transportation, assembling, inspection and dismantling services.

    Australian Construction employees are committed, experienced and qualified in scaffolding. Each scaffold we set up is licensed as safe; according to the state Work Cover requirements of the state we build it.

    Scaffolding procedure

    In many cases, we assign an estimator to visit your site beforehand and discuss the precise requirements you have.  The Australian Construction estimator then correctly calculates all the essential scaffolding factors, creates the scaffold tower and presents a list of equipment.

    After this, our team loads all the material required on to our vehicles, transports them to your site, and begins unloading and assembling the scaffold tower where you and our team controller agreed.

    When our team completes the erection stage, a skilled professional who has organised the construction will present a scaffold ticket for the assembled tower.

    After our team completes your work, according to your agreement with our team controller, our team will arrive and dismantle your tower fast and safely, load it again to our vehicles and transport it away.

    Australian Construction staff undertakes this whole process, ensuring our impeccable record of efficiency and safety is met throughout the duration of the project.

    Contracting Services

    Australian Construction has folding mini scaffolds, aluminium mobile scaffold, accessories, walk-through scaffolding systems, scaffolding sales and labour hire throughout Australia.

    The scaffolding contractor we have in Newcastle has a committed team to help you if you need specialised scaffolding services. Below are some of our specialised scaffolding services:

    Stair Access Solutions

    We provide a wide range of stair access solutions like 1m-20m.  Our qualified team erects our superior aluminium scaffolding and places secure stairways inside the scaffolding structure.

    We provide you with total external access to all the levels of the worksite you choose. It is beneficial when you want to undertake a project within existing access areas and fire escapes.

    Confined Space Solutions

    The Australian Construction team carries out rigorous risk analysis and planning before venturing inside a confined space. Our scaffolders are trained and experienced in the efficient and safe accessing of confined spaces. They are also skilled in building a scaffolding structure that offers you a secure platform for your requirements.

    When working in confined spaces, safety is paramount to facilitate efficiency, which is essential to delivering your work on time. A scaffolding contractor continually operates and trains with confined spaces, ensuring reliability and safety all the time. We have experience working with defence, civilian and rail organisations, integrating our strict procedures with theirs.


    We have a quick and straightforward system, ideal to meet your requirements for ‘A’ Class Hoarding, for both long or short periods. A Newcastle scaffolding contractor has experience in providing hoarding in high traffic places, with general public access. Australian Construction can meet your requirements efficiently and quickly with minimal interruption.

    Scaffold Hire

    Our clients at Australian Construction do not just approach us for reliable service but trust us with top-notch equipment to do the job. We ensure that our equipment and machinery are fully maintained and serviced for safety and optimal performance for all your scaffolding service.

    Our fleet of scaffolds is ready for hire, and our team advises you on the most efficient and economical solution for your needs.

    Labour hire & transport

    At Australian Construction, we guarantee to provide a comprehensive range of scaffolding services in Newcastle that you can trust from start to finish.  Our team arrives on time, ready to finish the job. We aim to give you a flawless process and offer the following services.


    • Ticketed scaffolders
    • Assembling and dismantling
    • Scaffold labour services
    • Scaffolding labour-hire

    Free quotes

    We provide direct and competitive quotes for every job. Our expert scaffolding contractor ensures that all the work is achievable within your deadline and does not exceed your budget.  We will abide by your quotes and give professional advice on your requirements for optimum safety and lasting outcomes on the sites.

    How to choose the best scaffolding contractor in Newcastle

    You may be working on your home or managing a building site, and you do not know where to go for your scaffolding services needs. When you conduct a quick search online, you will come across various firms providing these services; therefore, getting the right one is necessary.

    The guidelines below will help you pick the best scaffolding contractor, like Australian Construction.

    Vast Experience

    A new firm might give some beautiful illustrations of recent work. However, it would be best if you chose a more experienced firm like Australian Construction. We have years of scaffolding knowledge and are aware of your exact needs. More importantly, safety is essential where experience is concerned.


    Any scaffolding firm you work with needs insurance for all and any eventualities. It would be best if you avoided liability if a worker gets hurt and you need to take precautions.

    But, in case there is a scaffolding-related accident because of its structure, you need extra protection. Ask the firm the type of coverage they provide to their clients. Ensure you and your structure are also covered.

    Wonderful reviews

    The Internet enables you to study reviews on firms fairly easily. It means you can quickly discover their efficiency while working with other companies. Choose a company that has many positive reviews like us.


    For high-quality scaffolding, the cheapest is not the best! But, your budget will be the determining factor when choosing the company to use. It would help if you worked with a company like Australian Construction. We always endeavour to give you ideal scaffolding services that meet your current budget and we offer affordable prices.


    Australian Construction is recognised as a top provider of access solutions in the construction industry. We supply some of the most significant residential, commercial, civil engineering, petrochemical, entertainment and mining projects in Australia.

    We are committed to providing scaffolding services while practising transparency, teamwork and best practice. It enables us to deliver the ideal scaffolding services you need.

    Call us today on 1800 155 881 for all your scaffolding services in Newcastle!