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The Best Scaffolding Contractor In Perth

    At Australian Construction we are proud of our team’s integrity and precision when working. As commercial, residential and industrial scaffolding professionals, we undertake all projects, small and big, using the same expertise and experience. You can trust our scaffolding contractor in Perth to meet all your scaffolding needs efficiently and accurately.

    We prioritise proficiency and safety regarding the projects we work on. Australian Construction appreciates that there is a lot of danger in our type of work, and it is why we take great care when providing our services, from the briefing stage to set up, and finalisation.

    Industrial Scaffolding Services

    Whether it is mining, oil and gas or construction sites, the scaffolding contractor in Perth has the essential skills and equipment to perform industrial scaffolding builds.

    Australian Construction boasts a wealth of skills and experience in industrial projects from shutdowns and various access solutions to temporary stair towers and enclosure, ensuring a brilliant, quality scaffolding job.

    We comprehend that work needs to continue as usual, and our competent team completes their projects as precisely and efficiently as possible. It guarantees you minimal downtime.

    Commercial Scaffolding Services

    Where hotels or shopping centres are concerned, we use a different work procedure since these premises should maintain a neat and pleasant look while we are carrying out the construction project.

    Your commercial business’ look is paramount. The Australian Construction skilled team tries its best to follow the industry’s best practices while maintaining minimal disruption to the everyday business running.

    Residential Scaffolding Services

    If you want to construct a new home, or upgrade an existing one and need our scaffolding services for the task, get in touch with us.

    We recognise that your home is valuable to you, and when renovating it, you need the ideal team to work for you. When our scaffolding contractor in Perth is carrying out a home renovation project, we take all precautions to ensure we create the scaffolding in a manner that reduces interruption to you and your family.

    Safety procedures

    Safety measures are a crucial element to consider when you think of scaffolding. Whether the work involves setting up a temporary building or enclosure or constructing a 10-storey scaffold structure, the Australian Construction team follows strict protocols.

    We have all the essential training and equipment to make sure that we set up scaffolding appropriately without endangering anyone’s safety all through the setup or after finishing the job.


    In our industry, regular training is imperative since new systems and protocol are implemented continuously. We ensure that our team remains updated with all the essential regulations, ensuring that they follow the best practices. Australian Construction also follows authoritative body regulations, allowing us to give you the ideal outcomes for all projects.

    Industrial and residential scaffolding services

    At Australian Construction, we provide various services to ensure you do not need to move from one service provider to another. We have an all-inclusive service customised to individual projects throughout the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Our entire team is trained to focus on the smallest details because our precision is a vital element.

    Our staff has the experience and capability of handling any scaffolding work, whatever the size. For various scaffolding services, get in touch with a leader in the industry, Australian Construction.

    Access Solutions

    It can be challenging to navigate industrial and commercial sites because of the premises’ unique structure. If some of your property’s areas are difficult to reach, we can set up efficient access solutions to enable people to access different areas on sites without endangering themselves.

    Temporary enclosures

    A scaffolding contractor in Perth builds a temporary structure on your site to protect people from danger. These structures are necessary when a particular area is restricted, or the site handles waste or emissions. We have the skills to set up a system that ensures a specific area remains enclosed securely.

    Labour hire and monitoring

    Australian Construction has earned an excellent reputation in the industry because we apply significant expertise to a substantial project. For a labour force to work on a specific job or simple supervision for your labour, we can help you. We have the essential skills and knowledge to present enough management on any industrial, commercial and residential site.

    Scaffolding hire

    If you prefer utilising your labour force for building, you can hire scaffolding material from Australian Construction. We deliver and pick our scaffolding from your work area to spare you any inconvenience.

    System scaffolding

    We have a unique scaffolding system that enables you to conquer common difficulties like radial structures and limited space. This system is among the most flexible, providing enough support for any height and weight.

    Mobile scaffolds

    For smaller tasks, Australian Construction has mobile scaffolds. Setting them up is simple, and you can quickly move them around.  This lightweight building is ideal for residential projects that need plumbing or painting at heights.

    Tube & fitting

    Australian Construction has a variety of tubes and facilitates simple and effective scaffolding installation. Also, these fittings are easy to dismantle without an issue. Tube and fitting are very adaptable, enabling the chance to access hard and difficult to access spaces.

    Stair towers

    Stair towers are an excellent method of accommodating workers who need to work at different heights. Also, it has one of the ideal scaffolding solutions to handle areas with high traffic.


    Australian Construction team maintains Industrial Plants. Whether the breakdown is planned or emergency, our skilled team gives you fast, efficient service to restore the plant’s operations.


    We can help by joining different teams on a building site, ensuring the ideal outcomes. When a shutdown is needed, we work fast to reduce downtime.


    Our years of experience in the scaffold industry have made us rank top among Australian suppliers of building project management, skilled labour experts and scaffolding. Australian Construction specialises in delivering and using scaffolding and different access equipment for residential commercial and industrial projects.

    We always present the right equipment and people for any task, so call us today on 1800 155 881!