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    Are you extending your investment dwelling or adding  a second storey? If you need help with the extension of a residential house then scaffolding is a vital part of any home renovation. Renovating can be hazardous, especially if the buildings are old and decrepit. This is why quality scaffolding is essential. You can trust our scaffolding contractor in Sydney to be committed and experienced, providing you useful, robust scaffolding solutions.

    Australian Construction can meet all your residential scaffolding needs. Whether you are building a new duplex site or renovating the current duplex lot, we understand that scaffolding should be safe to ensure the duplex’s structural safety and protect the workers and buildings.

    Quality scaffolding

    If you have a custom home project that needs scaffolding, Australian Construction provides superior-quality, custom made scaffolding solutions suitable for any custom build. We have a solution for you, whether you have an architecturally designed or custom home project.

    Our commitment is to give you ideal customer service and superior custom scaffolding solutions. Do not worry about your custom home or architecturally designed project, as we have a solution for you.

    We have a wide variety of different widths and reach heights, and we can handle any job.  If you require custom scaffolding, Australian Construction is your number one solution.

    We have a highly trained, on-site workforce that is committed to compliance. Our team installs your scaffolding needs fast and safely. We are happy to provide a highly skilled on-site workforce to remove and install your scaffolding system, no matter how small or big.

    Our team is experienced and efficient, and their proficiency and speed will impress you. We are always seeking ways to deliver high safety and compliance standards.

    An experienced on-site supervisor manages every team and guides the whole installation and unloading procedure. Our team ensures that they erect your scaffolding safely and adheres to the devised plans agreed upon.  When it’s time to remove the scaffolding, either completely or in stages, our team ensures they do not leave anything behind.

    Swinging Stages

    Cables linked to a fixed top rigging system support the work platforms. At Australian Construction, we have a dedicated rental fleet of swing stage, hoist and scaffolding equipment to work efficiently, on time and safely.

    Where are the swing stages used?

    A scaffolding contractor in Sydney typically uses swing stage scaffolds on high-rise building exteriors. We also use a swing stage scaffold as the ideal access solution when the space available is limited.

    Australian Construction uses swing stage scaffolding when restoring, repairing or constructing scoreboards, water tanks, bridges and the interior or exterior of almost any structure.

    Who uses the swing stages?

    Contractors use swing stage scaffolding as an efficient way of gaining access to the worksite on large structure exteriors. Swing stage scaffolds provide an excellent solution for contractors like window cleaners, exterior finishers, waterproofers, painters and building maintenance.

    Scaffolding hire

    Australian Construction scaffolding features discounted hire rates, delivery throughout Sydney and simple DIY installation. With complex building legal requirements, one should consider the sub-contractors and employees safety record before employing a scaffolding contractor.

    A simple scaffolding safety requirement for personnel working at your construction sites is vital to ensure your workers’ safety throughout the duration of the renovation or construction.

    Our Australian Construction mobile aluminium scaffolding towers are simple to erect and dismantle. We are proud to give you easy-to-use, trustworthy scaffolding solutions for different jobs, conditions and building sites requirements.

    In addition to the safety element, scaffolding plays a vital role in supporting workers who work on construction and repair buildings and structures.

    The scaffolding contractor we have in Sydney provides mobile aluminium towers in many varied sizes. Using Australian Construction scaffold towers equipment means you can access support structures specially created to meet Australian Standards. It is beneficial for your building requirements.

    Our comprehensive scaffolding allows you to build on your site as a DIY venture. We have a complete aluminium scaffold range. Also, we design our scaffold structures to resist inclement weather conditions. We maintain our mobile aluminium scaffolding efficiently and store them using the highest standards.

     After each scaffold, we examine the work for damage, and our expert team cleans them to make them accessible for the next project. Our experience and widespread hire range enable us to estimate the needed components for any work. 

    It is easy to stack all our scaffolding sections, and they are also transportable. You can rely on Australian Construction equipment for your scaffold hire needs.

    A scaffolding contractor in Sydney delivers these scaffolding components all over the Sydney metropolitan region. Also, our hire and delivery charges are cost-effective.

    So, anytime you require a scaffold tower for support and safety on repair or construction sites, call Australian Construction to get the ideal solutions for all your scaffolding needs.

    Lift well Screens – Lift Safety Gates

    Site workers are safer inside multi-storey buildings than the ones working outside, particularly on scaffolds. We consider falls outside buildings but not inside (when the lift wells are empty).

    There is significant work and movement in such sites.  There is always the risk of falling unless the entrances are barricaded or even better, protected with our lift well screens or lift safety gates.

    At Australian Construction, we manufacture and design lift well screens (or lift safety gates) from Australia’s top quality materials. They weigh only 40kgs and are superior to the more conservative steel gates. It is easy to transport them without losing the toughness lift well screens (lift safety gates) offer.

    Our aluminium screens are lighter by 40% compared to the conventional steel screens and offer a safe cover instead of open lift wells. Liftgates created by Australian Construction cover openings of sizes 2.3m x 2.1m (h x w) similar to what conventional gates do. You can also fold and stack them flat like conventional screens. Our lift well screen adheres to Australian Standards.


    Australian Construction has years of experience in the sector. We have worked on several projects throughout Sydney. Our skilled and dedicated team is reliable and committed, providing our reliable service with utmost professionalism and care.

    We are available to help you complete your project efficiently so call us today on 1800 155 881!