Local Skilled Scaffolding Contractor In Toowoomba For Hire


    Australian Construction specialises in custom scaffolding. We provide services for commercial properties. In addition, we serve residential and industrial properties. Furthermore, our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba endeavours to design and build customised scaffold styles. Because of this, the scaffolds allow easy access for all trades. 

    Presently, we have significant tonnes of the scaffold. Therefore, this equipment is more than sufficient to meet your scaffolding requirements. We use steel or aluminium scaffolding or a combination of both (static or mobile). For this reason, our services are ideal for the task at hand. 

    The Australian Construction steel and aluminium scaffold resist all the harsh elements in Australia. Kwikstage scaffold is the best option for your project. It is because this system is robust. Also, it is easy to install and dismantle. Additionally, it is user friendly. We create our Kwikstage scaffolding from solid steel tubing

    Kwikstage scaffolding is suitable for most construction sites. Therefore, we can create it to suit your personal needs, notwithstanding height and size. We offer affordable and competitive rates. So, call us today for your future scaffold project.

    Our services

    Australian Construction offers custom scaffold. Apart from this, we provide rigging solutions for different industries. We guarantee you peace of mind. We appreciate that personnel and equipment safety is the top priority.  Because of this, we meet the demands of everyday schedules. More importantly, we observe time constraints as well.

    Our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba has a proven track. It is because we offer scaffolding solutions for:

    • Construction
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Rail industry
    • Residential and commercial
    • Marine industry

    We offer three reliable types of the scaffold. For example, we have Layher. This type of scaffold is the most technologically advanced. In other words, it meets your operation’s requirements. Our team works with you to find out the components the project needs. We can deliver in only three days.

    Our supplies come straight from our remarkable on-site storage centre. The scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba exceeds clients’ expectations. We supply complete scaffolding solutions for construction and demolition projects throughout the country. 

    Ideal scaffolding services

    Our designers, engineers and industry professionals have vast experience. Because of this, we deliver safe and effective scaffold products and services. Also, our services are innovative. Our services serve industrial and commercial sites.

    Australian Construction professional team offers service and solutions excellence to our clients. We provide expert project planning and design. Also, our professionals undertake to estimate and supply services.

    Proficiency in complex projects

    We have highly qualified project managers. As a result, they can handle complicated and unusual scaffolding works. Our company excels in designing unique and straightforward solutions. Therefore, we conquer complex demolition and construction projects.

    Our scaffold products are hot-dipped galvanised. Furthermore, we manufacture them using tensile steel.  Given this, it enhances the safety standards. Therefore, it prolongs the product life span. The product is rust-resistant and hence, reduces maintenance costs. It means lower freight costs and better productivity. We aim to give our clients a quicker construction programme. Also, our clients enjoy a healthier profit margin on labour allowance.


    The Australian Construction industrial supply team is highly experienced. So, we are skilled in tailoring a scaffolding solution to meet your industrial project requirements. We comprehend the strict Occupational, Health and Safety obligations in this industry. So, we ensure that our procedures, systems and products meet those.

    To this end, we offer safe and sufficient solutions. Thus, we employ suitable people for the job. Our scaffolding contractor in Toowoomba uses engineering resources to support these teams. In the end, it provides superior outcomes.


    Our commitment is to give you the ideal solution. Also, we complement our services with the best service. Our Australian Construction team has the skills and experience to deliver all your scaffolding needs.

    Therefore, do not hesitate to make us your scaffolding project partner!