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Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

    Lying by the pool is a fun way of spending a sunny and hot day. If you have been dreaming of a pool in your backyard, hire a professional like Australian Construction to have it done expertly and cost-effectively. We install custom pools and standard pools. We have an Adelaide swimming pool builder who also incorporates garden service options and spa options, ensuring you have the definitive backyard oasis.

    Our years of experience has honed our skills, and our services will exceed your expectations. Australian Construction works with all types of pools, and we handle all sizes also. 

    Luxurious and relaxing spas 

    Australian Construction has a stunning range of in-ground spas specially designed to match our variety of swimming pools. We aim to give you, your friends and your family the enjoyment of a fully rejuvenating and relaxing experience at home!

    Different Spas

    The Australian Construction team invests time and care to create various spas that suit different users and properties. We have various modern and attractive designs to pick from and our spas seat between four to eight people. The spas feature multi-level seating, keeping occupants of all ages and heights comfortable and relaxed.

    Whether you need an outdoor or indoor spa, our swimming pool contractor in Adelaide gives you top quality solutions created to meet your requirements.

    Durable and safe spas

    We value your comfort and safety at Australian Construction, and it is why we build our spas using superior quality fibreglass specially tested for resilience, strength and durability. We have non-slip surfaces, adding more safety features. Therefore, you can enjoy a spa relaxing properties without fearing that you will fall in.

    Specially designed Adelaide Spas.

    Our Australian Construction team is experienced enough to comprehend your spa needs. We design spas that are suitable for the Australian climate demands. They cater to all seasons and give you a durable and practical product you can enjoy for years.

    Beauty and luxury

    We have taken meticulous care over our spa range’s aesthetics. All our designs give you modern, clean lines to perfectly match your property perfectly, blending with various surroundings. Our skilled team also designs them to be our swimming pool range’s ideal additions. 

    We provide various tiles to select from allowing you to customise your spa’s appearance to suit your tastes. Call Australian Construction today for more information about how our spas can provide you with luxury and relaxation.

    Plunge Pools

    These are compact pools suitable for modern life. Even if your backyard is small, you can still enjoy all the advantages of having your pool. In Australia, there is a growing trend for a plunge pool. Our plunge pools are smaller and versatile, and they fit into any yard perfectly. The range of pools we provide enables you to have fun in a lovely, durable in-ground plunge pool, customised to your requirements. 

    Plunge pool benefits

    For small areas that cannot accommodate a full-sized pool, a plunge pool is ideal; however, you can have the same fun as in a bigger pool. Our skilled team devises a flexible variety of plunge pools, which incorporate swim jets easily, letting you optimise the area by providing more resistance. 

    It means you can still engage in all the health-enhancing aqua workouts you would get from a much bigger pool. We also feature spa jets in our range of plunge pools, letting you enjoy hydro-therapeutic and relaxation benefits!

    Designing with safety considerations

    Australian Construction carefully designs our pool range to give you a safe and long-lasting pool that you can enjoy for years. We use strong fibreglass that we test for strength and resilience to build it. Our plunge pools feature wide steps and non-slip surfaces to reduce the danger of any accidents.

    A swimming pool builder in Adelaide also takes more precautions to add safety features for kids. We have bigger plunge pools consisting of child safety ledges around the perimeter. Our smaller pools provide one shallow depth, enabling the kids to have maximum pleasure in a safe, conducive environment.

    Cost-effective luxury

    Australian Construction plunge pool range is an adaptable, cost-effective solution despite your yard size, and we have different sitting areas and various tiling options to pick from. We also design our range to match our bigger swimming pools, and you can choose from a total hydrotherapy solution in your home.

    Our fibreglass pools are popular in Australia because of their high quality, uniqueness, and construction and manufacturing process. At last, you have the pool you always dreamt of and it’s time for us to use our pool equipment to transform a plain swimming pool into a wonderful one. 

    Striking water features add some elegant element, while spa nooks and swim jets all enhance your underwater fun.  We have cleaning products that are also among the essential pool accessories you can purchase. It is expensive to maintain this glamour, and if you fail to maintain your pool, it will lose its attractive look.

    Swimming Pool Range

    You may believe that fibreglass pools are inflexible. However, at Australian Construction, we have an enviable range, and we aim to disprove this concept. Our pool designs assortment are all lovely, and you will be spoilt for choice! Whatever situation you are in, our team ensures that they turn your backyard into a relaxation haven and personal oasis for you.

    Conclusion: Adelaide Swimming Pool Builder

    You may wish to maximise your small backyard with a lovely plunge pool or spa. Or, you may wish to make your home more fun using a big family pool. Whatever your needs, Australian Construction has many options to pick from. If you are passionate about your exercise routine and want a clear workout area, we have exactly what you need.

    Australian Construction has been a leader in the swimming pool construction sector for years. We are dedicated to providing the most superior inground swimming pools for you and you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

      For a pool that makes you feel safe and confident to use, call our team today for a free consultation!