Highly Recommended Swimming Pool Builder In Ballarat

Ballarat Swimming Pool Builder

Ballarat Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction is a top swimming pool constructor. Additionally, we specialise in swimming pool renovation. Besides, our swimming pool builder in Ballarat is experienced in resurfacing existing pool constructions using fibreglass. In other words, we turn your old pool into a new fibreglass pool.

    We are experts in various services. Given this, we use a comprehensive method. Moreover, our swimming pool contractor in Ballarat has delivered to our client’s requirements and satisfaction. More importantly, we source the ideal material.  Because of this, we offer a top-quality finish.

    Superior services            

    At Australian Construction, we create concrete swimming pools.  Our expert team focuses on creating elegance and functionality. As a result, they ensure the swimming pool matches the property.  We use methods that optimise the space for your latest swimming pool. Do you have limited space? In that case, we can look for ways of maximising the area for your new swimming pool. Therefore we give you the best swimming pool. 

    The swimming pool contractor in Ballarat also works with architects sometimes. We aim to synchronise the pool and property to give you a superior swimming pool. As a result, you can enjoy it for years. Australian Construction not only builds lovely swimming pools but also match your lifestyle.  Furthermore, a factory swimming pool cannot replicate our custom design.

    The swimming pool builder in Ballarat provides pools that blend your Ballarat routine with the surroundings. We focus on service and quality. Because of this, we ensure you enjoy your latest pool and get a rewarding experience. Our range of famous pool designs includes:

    • Contemporary pools
    • Lap pools
    • Water features
    • Freeform pools
    • Formal pools
    • Full tiled Noosa pools
    • Rock pools
    • Wet edge or vanishing edge pools

    More importantly, we custom design each of our swimming pools to match your property and your particular needs.

    Fibreglass swimming pools

    Today many of the in-ground pools we install in Australia are fibreglass pools. Our skilled team carries out most of the building work offsite at the factory. Due to this, fibreglass pools are quick to install. Mainly a simple installation of our fibreglass pools takes one week or two to complete. 

    Minimal maintenance is required. Also, fibreglass pools look lovely. They feature bright and speckled finishes that glitter in the sunshine. We have ready-made designs you can choose from. In consequence, it decreases construction time. It also lowers costs. However, at times you may wish to have a tailored solution.

    Concrete swimming pools

    Our swimming pool builder in Ballarat constructs concrete pools according to the design you want. We build your concrete pool from scratch at your premises. Because of this, our builder adjusts your design specifically to suit your property. Generally, concrete pools cost more. In addition, building them takes longer, 2 to 5 months.

    Pool landscaping 

    Transform your outdoor area completely with our competent landscaping team. We design and manufacture decks and pavers, pool fencing, and steps. Besides, we provide fantastic water features, garden areas and retaining walls. Call us today for more landscaping Swimming information.

    Pool restoration

    We are specialists in implementing our fibreglass system to work on:

    • Concrete
    • Tiled
    • Marble
    • Pebble Crete
    • Quartz
    • Marble 
    • Fibreglass
    • Customisation

    We are able to customise your pool in a variety of ways, including:

    • ​Building new ledges, seats and steps.
    • Extending existing seats, ledges and steps
    • Installing new return valves
    • Removing existing pool gutters (unused)


    Australian Construction has years of experience constructing inground fibreglass swimming pools. Because of this, we give you a simple process as our experts handle it from beginning to end. We have invested years in research. In light of this, we develop our products to provide various designer pools suitable for each backyard.

    We have various fibreglass swimming pools to pick from. Whether your space is large or small, we offer compact designs. For example, we have family size pools and plunge pools.

    Please book a consultation with us today for an ideal swimming pool experience!