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Bendigo Swimming Pool Builder

Bendigo Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction specialises in pool construction. Besides, we are specialists in fibreglass pool installation. Additionally, we undertake fibreglass pool installation. Our swimming pool builder in Bendigo has years of experience in pool installation. Therefore, you have peace of mind knowing you are in capable hands.

    Our competent team is passionate about building spas, pools and water features. They visit your property and examine the surroundings to determine the best pool for you. Also, we explore all aspects of the design and construction procedure. Because of this, we deliver quality projects that make us proud.

    Pool cleaning services

    Your swimming pool should not only be clean but safe. It enables you to make maximum use of it. Australian Construction provides a complete cleaning option for your swimming pool interior. Sometimes a complete renovation is not necessary for your pool. 

    In such a case, our swimming pool contractor in Bendigo offers a professional pool cleaning. Because of this, your pool becomes durable, saving you money. We provide ideal pool cleaning services. As a result, if you want to sell your home, you get optimal value for the property. 

    Professional pool cleaning

    Our expert team takes the following steps for a comprehensive pool clean:

    1. They remove any sticks, leaves and other debris from the bottom of your pool and water.
    2. Our expert team then drains the old water.
    3. They remove the built-up algae and slime.
    4. After this, they carry out an acid wash.
    5. Finally, they undertake a high pressure clean.
    6. We remove everything to ensure your pool looks lovelier than before.

    Pool tiling and repair

    We are the top swimming pool repair and tilers service in Bendigo. We install your tiles properly, making your pool safe. Moreover, it looks beautiful. Your pool might be old and has broken or chipped tiles. In this case, we carry out repairs. Furthermore, our team fixes them and gives your pool new life. Australian Construction provides top-quality artistry. In addition, we offer excellent customer service.

    We appreciate that pool tiling is challenging for most people. Because of this, our expert tilers handle all the work on your behalf. More importantly, our prices are affordable. We only utilise superior quality adhesives and materials. Ultimately you get the outcome you desire and deserve.

    Establishing the reason for the damage

    We first determine why the damage occurred in the first place. Before repairing, replacing or reattaching tiles for our spa or pool, we determine the cause of the issue. We first fix any underlying problem. Tiles fall off due to their age. Also, they fall off because the original adhesive has become weak. However, it might be due to:

    • Ground movement
    • Drainage issues
    • Soil conditions
    • Breaks behind the tile
    • Leaks behind the tile

    Pool Coping services

    Pool coping describes the edging that lines your pool rim. It is also referred to as pool edge pavers. Our swimming pool builder in Bendigo uses various materials for this edging. For example, we use concrete pavers, bricks or natural stone. Additionally, we have multiple textures and colours you can pick from. We also have many designs. Therefore, you are assured of getting pool coping that suits your pool and its surroundings. We work with you to ensure that your pool coping material and design suits not only your outdoor area’s look but also your whole property.


    At Australian Construction, we have highly trained and expert team members. As a result, the swimming pool builder in Bendigo offers quick and quality services. Furthermore, we apply this expertise all through the building and construction procedure. A consultant is available to answer all your questions. We work hard to revive your old pool. So you can have fun in your pool for years!

    We look forward to hearing from you about your swimming pool construction in Bendigo!