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Brisbane Swimming Pool Builder

Brisbane Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction is a swimming pool builder in Brisbane. We bring you years of pool experience in design, renovation and construction in the swimming projects we provide for homeowners. Our swimming pool builder in Brisbane offers customised service for customers, and we emphasise quality when designing and constructing pools to make you proud.

    We have a fully qualified team of pool builders who have vast experience in all swimming pool building aspects, such as pool design and construction. It allows us to give you a comprehensive service from start to finish that surpasses customer expectations. 

    Australian Construction is a leader in Brisbane‘s swimming pool companies sector and we boast quality craftsmanship, pool designs, inspired swimming, and a variety of quality finishes. We customise all these factors to your lifestyle requirements and design preferences. It does not matter how complex they are.

    Lovely inground pools

    We provide tailored inground pools to enhance Brisbane homes. We have experienced concrete pool builders who create customised swimming pool designs for clients. From comprehensive pool renovations to lap pools, we can customise a swimming pool design to suit your backyard space perfectly, whether small or large. 

    It incorporates the features you choose and optional additions. We can combine the following options and features in your latest pool design:

    • Water features
    • Spas and pool heating
    • Fencing, rockeries, decking and landscaping
    • Disappearing edges and pool lighting

    A swimming pool builder in Brisbane also offers a beautiful variety of pool finishes like tile, stone, pebble and quartz on suitable for all tastes with a top-quality pool filtration method or pool filter.

    Discuss your swimming pool works with us

    Our team will be happy to visit your home in Brisbane to inspect the site and determine the ideal pool designs for your backyard area. You can talk to our pool builders about your project. Brisbane’s climate is perfect for swimming, and our inground pools are the best way to eliminate the heat on a hot day in summer. Call us today for a superior quality swimming pool building in Brisbane.

    Inground Concrete Pools

    A swimming pool builder in Brisbane makes properties more valuable and improves home lifestyles. We are specialists in swimming pool design and building and have the reputation of being a top concrete swimming pool designer and builder in Brisbane. Our skilled team combines exceptional functionality with lovely aesthetics and high-quality materials.

    We emphasise unique inground pool designs that complement your lifestyle requirements and suit your home. Australian Construction latest concrete pools are tailored to match your area and give exceptional safety and functionality. From lap pools that optimise space on small inter-city blocks to huge family swimming pools in the city, our pool constructors provide inground concrete pools pleasing to the homeowners.

    We have specialised in inground pool design and building for years and have a solid reputation for designing and constructing top-quality concrete swimming pools. Our clients in Brisbane benefit from our team’s vast experience, cost-effective prices and friendly customer service.

    Swimming pool construction procedure

    Do you want a swimming pool at your home? Constructing a new swimming pool increases your property’s value and attraction to homebuyers if you decide to sell it. It also invigorates and revitalises your lifestyle too. Australian Construction undertakes the following steps to give you the ideal swimming pool.

    From start to finish

    We are pool construction specialists, and we blend outstanding swimming pool designs with quality artistry, creating swimming pools that illustrate architectural brilliance, incorporating the newest pool technology. Timeframes are different for all projects; however, we are famous for delivering fast work while ensuring we do not leave any detail.

    Design Stage

    Before the Australian Construction team begins constructing the pool, we first have a meeting with customers to check out the proposed site to understand their needs. We discuss pool designs and listen to your suggestions and preferences. The swimming pool builder in Brisbane also assesses the property, and it includes an analysis and discussion of:

    • Appropriate areas and features (gardens and trees, slope, distance to home, etc.)
    • The appearance of the existing area (for instance, current landscaping and upcoming plans)
    • Compliance problems.
    • Practical difficulties 
    • Present services (gas, electricity, water, sewerage, etc.)

    We talk about all the problems with your pool-building project before we give you a design. The design is not complete at this stage, and our team continues to tweak it until we form a swimming pool design that meets all your requirements.

    Australian Construction appreciates that the design stage is crucial to the process. That is why we ensure the design is correct before getting the swimming pool construction’s approval. We work together with the Brisbane customers from start to finish in the design stage. We ensure you are thrilled with your new pool’s design before the approval process starts.

    Approval process

    In Brisbane, the council planning approval is usually not a requirement. But a local council approval may apply to some swimming pool building projects because of zoning regulations. The water/sewerage supply approval and building approval are necessary before the project begins. Australian Construction handles these approval applications for you.

    Construction stage

    After the swimming pool builder receives the approvals and certification, we start the building procedure. Our competent team marks out the area and pool’s shape then begin the excavation followed by: 

    • Protection fencing
    • Formwork and fixing steel
    • Installing plumbing
    • Concrete pour
    • Paving, tiling, etc.
    • Installing equipment and electrical 
    • Permanent fencing
    • Preparing surface
    • Interior lining
    • Last clean
    • pH balance and fill
    • Handover

    The handover follows after this, and you can begin enjoying the numerous benefits of having a residential swimming pool!


    Call the Australian Construction team of pool builders today to discuss your dream swimming pool’s ideas. We will give you more data about our swimming pool building procedure, our tailor-made pool designs and our fantastic tailored features and offers. We specialise in landscape construction projects and luxury swimming pools throughout Brisbane.

      You have peace of mind knowing that we build every pool with passion and expertise!