Experienced And Affordable Swimming Pool Builder In Canberra

Canberra Swimming Pool Builder

Canberra Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction offers you a pool package that suits your budget and lifestyle. Our swimming pool builder in Canberra offers communication and honesty. Besides we provide top quality services and products. Because of this, we are a unique company. 

    We utilise fibreglass products, which we source from leading manufacturers. Furthermore, our fibreglass pool styles vary in design and size. Our Australian Construction team works hard. Because of this, we offer you a suitable pool for your lifestyle. More importantly, our prices are affordable.

    The swimming pool contractor in Canberra is committed to offering an expert level of service. We are on-site for the entire procedure from beginning to end. Furthermore, we take meticulous care in installing your new pool. As a result, it reduces disruption to your daily routine.

    Residential concrete pools

    Australian Construction offers a comprehensive design and construction solution. Given this, we meet your particular needs. When designing your pool, we consider the following:

    • Specific lifestyle needs
    • Budget
    • Your site

    Moreover, we give you the latest technologies and management systems. Our best tradesmen construct the best concrete pool. As a result, you relax knowing our expert team is on-site daily with the best tools.


    Your existing pool may be damaged or outdated. In that case, our company revitalises your swimming pool. A concrete pool has many benefits. Among them is that we bring it back to life. In light of this, we update the design. As a result, it matches the modern garden design and lifestyle. We achieve this by changing the shape structurally.

    Additionally, we update the interior finish. Alternatively, we give the pool a complete makeover. We update our equipment. For this reason, it saves time and energy expenses. It facilitates your system’s full automation.

    Commercial concrete pools

    The swimming pool builder in Canberra works closely with the best architects. Also, we work with leading engineers and commercial building firms. Hence we build breathtaking swimming pools in commercial surroundings. We have vast knowledge, experience and expertise. Because of this, we present sustainable design solutions. Consequently, you enjoy swimming the whole year.

    Water features

    We have built water features that include:

    • Reflection ponds
    • Mini lakes with waterfalls
    • Fountains
    • Power falls
    • Waterfalls

    In other words, we give you the ideal garden feature. The water feature forms the ultimate focus in your existing or new landscaped garden. The swimming pool may be in your backyard or front yard. Alternatively, it might be indoors or on complex sites. Regardless we can customise the solution to suit your requirements. We flawlessly incorporate these water features into your spa, swimming pool or both. Because of this, we set up the optimal backyard tranquillity.

    Fibreglass pools

    Australian Construction installs Tranquility fibreglass pool shells. We choose these pools because they have proven longevity. Additionally, they offer reliability, durability and quality. Besides they are available in various colours and shapes. Working with us gives you superior quality pools. More importantly, our top quality experts install the pool.


    Spas offer maximum relaxation. Due to this, we tailor these pools to your precise needs. We offer a stand-alone spa. According to your choice, we provide spa jets, heating and lighting. We also meet your chlorination, automation and water feature inclusions needs. In addition, we incorporate all these options into a spa package or swimming pool. We attach the spa to the pool using water/overflow inclusions. In other words, we provide a seamless combination between your spa and swimming pool. For this reason, you can use your tablet or smartphone to control them all.


    Australian Construction is among Canberra’s swimming pool builders. Our team meets you on-site and designs the best swimming pool for your home or premises. Our team of experts respects your property. Therefore, they ensure they leave the site tidy and clean upon completion. So, you can have confidence working with us for your full swimming pool and landscaping needs.

    Therefore talk to us today about a quality swimming pool for your enjoyment!