Professional Swimming Pool Builder In Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Swimming Pool Builder

Coffs Harbour Swimming Pool Builder

    At Australian Construction we ensure we carry out the job professionally at all stages. We have vast experience. Therefore, we have honed our skills and become an industry leader. Because of this, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour delivers the ideal pool all the time. Also, we endeavour to attain outcomes that live up to our reputation.

    We give each project a personal touch. Moreover, our expert team is fast and professional. Because of this, they build a swimming pool that surpasses your expectations. The swimming pool contractor in Coffs Harbour focuses on pool technology research and development. 

    Consultation, design & construction

    Australian Construction offers sound and honest suggestions when designing your swimming pool. A swimming pool presents a broad capital investment. It needs meticulous planning and consideration. Given this, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour understands our clients’ wants and needs. Furthermore, we offer honest and valid advice during your pool design. We offer suggestions about choosing equipment and materials as well.

    We have experienced and qualified in-house designers. Depending on your land block, our designer offers a face-to-face consultation with the client. In this regard, we assist in choosing an appropriate shape, design and finishes. Moreover, we provide the option for water features and lighting. We offer the most suitable method for you.

    Lap pools

    We shape our lap pools to fit perfectly on a thin lot. At the same time, it serves as an eye-catching feature in your landscaping. Due to this, it is more than a functional swim area. Mainly a lap pool is long, narrow and rectangular. However, our swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour fully customises your space. Our options include a step or an integrated spa. Because of this, Australian Construction tailors your lap pool. As a result, it fits easily into your space.

    Plunge pools

    Do you have a small backyard? In that case, a plunge pool is an ideal solution. After all, it offers the advantages of a refreshing dip. In addition, it gives your landscaping a stunning focal. The plunge pool is small. Therefore its design is meant for cooling off, wading and relaxation. Because of the small size, maintenance is easy. It is also more affordable.

    Family pools

    The family pool is an area where your children create lifelong memories. Our concrete family pool presents endless possibilities. For example, we have swim ledges, shallow wading areas and steps. Likewise, we have deep ends for jumping. More importantly, you have the freedom to tailor the location and shape of your yard. It gives the kids space for running around.

    Infinity pools

    The Australian Construction infinity pool merges into its surroundings. Its design creates the picture of water flowing over one edge or more of the pool. Our swimming pool contractor mainly builds the infinity pool on a sloping block. As a result, it offers a stunning feature. Also, it enables the pool to optimise the surroundings and easily blends into the environment.

    Spas & water features

    We have various concrete pools and endless customisable options. Because of this, we enhance your pool. Do you want a spa area for grownups to relax in? Or do you wish to have deck jets, a water wall or a fountain feature? Maybe you want a sun pad for lounging in. Notwithstanding, the swimming pool builder in Coffs Harbour can deliver.


    Australian Construction is dedicated to offering a superior service. Our top priority is customer satisfaction. For this reason, we take a keen interest in the result of each pool build. Moreover, we guide you through the whole procedure from beginning to end. Our team pays attention to detail and is passionate about pool building. As a result, we give you a quality finish. Because of our determination and experience, we stand out in the industry.

    Please book an appointment with us today to discuss all your swimming pool needs!