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    Australian Construction is a top swimming pool builder and renovator in Geelong. We are specialists in resurfacing all existing pool constructions. Moreover, we use fiberglass. Hence, we turn your old pool into a new fiberglass pool. Our swimming pool contractor in Geelong uses a comprehensive method. Additionally, we specialise in various services. 

    We have always been committed to our customers’ needs and satisfaction. Our dedicated swimming pool contractor in Geelong restores your spa or pool to life. As a result, you enjoy lovely surroundings that match it perfectly. 

    Furthermore, our engineers, builders and pool designers work jointly. Because of this, they design and construct the ideal solution for your requirements. Swimming pool development is an intricate process. Our skilled team develops the first swimming pool designs then begins construction. Given this, our swimming pool builder in Geelong involves you in the entire procedure. Therefore you remain informed from conception to creation. Therefore, it ensures your peace of mind.

    Customised approach

    New pool building and renovations

    Australian Construction’s pool construction sector consists of skilled designers and consultants. In addition, we have expert pool builders and engineers. They work together to create unique swimming pool designs. These designs are for various commercial purposes and include sporting, leisure and government related developments.

    We understand that new construction and commercial developments need tailored solutions. In other words, we specialise in customised swimming pool designs. In addition, we tailor our project plans, and as a result, they suit particular requirements. Our swimming pool builder in Geelong is highly trained. Consequently, we deliver top quality construction. But, more importantly, we deliver on budget and on time always.

    Comprehensive services

    Pool renovations and new builds

    Australian Construction works with you at all stages of the procedure. In addition, we provide the following services for pool renovations or new builds:

    Project Management: You may decide to prepare the site personally. Alternatively, you can choose a complete turnkey solution. In light of this, we manage all equipment, materials and trades. We are available from beginning to end. 

    Engineering Services: Our swimming pool contractor in Geelong liaises with architects. In addition, the contractor works with structural, electrical and hydraulic engineers.

    Maintenance Programs: We offer a reporting & scheduled maintenance service. Moreover, it is efficient and affordable. For this reason, it saves you long-term stress.

    Renovating commercial pools

    Renovation is an ideal way to establish newer technologies for older pools. After all, it enhances hygiene and energy efficiency. Besides, the renovation also helps to simplify maintenance and cleaning. Also, it improves aesthetics. The swimming pool builder in Geelong offers these commercial pools renovation services:

    • Water playgrounds
    • Energy management systems
    • Heating, including heat, gas and solar pumps.
    • Sanitation, filtration and pumps
    • Joint and waterproofing repairs
    • Disabled access ramps
    • Wet deck conversions
    • Resurfacing

    Innovative solutions

    The swimming pool contractor in Geelong is experienced in installing various unique systems for commercial works. It includes:

    Apart from these systems, we use attention to detail to create swimming pool designs. For this reason, we set up solutions for commercial projects. These projects serve users or clients with specific needs.

    Designing and installing spas

    Our team is ideal for swimming pool installations. In addition, we specialise in designing and installing spas. We install spas for commercial and residential purposes.  Do you want the installation of a new spa in the backyard? Or do you want to incorporate a spa design in your existing swimming pool? Regardless, the Australian Construction team is best for any work.


    If you want to install a pool or spa, you can depend on Australian Construction for ideal results. We have an exceptional pool and spa designs. As a result, we give you a fully functional pool you can enjoy for years.

    Please book an appointment with us today to talk about your next pool or spa!