Trustworthy Swimming Pool Builder In Gladstone

Gladstone Swimming Pool Builder

Gladstone Swimming Pool Builder

    Do you have an old-looking pool or spa? In that case, it needs some restoration or upgrades. Under these circumstances, Australian Construction offers expert renovating services. As a result, your pool looks more modern. Additionally, our swimming pool builder in Gladstone offers various pool maintenance services.

    Because of this, your pool looks lovely and runs safely. In other words, we are happy to handle any project, whatever the size. We have a professional and experienced team. Therefore you can expect affordable and friendly services. Australian Construction provides top standard services. Also, we ensure your pool construction is hassle-free. As a result, you have a lovely pool you can enjoy for years.

    Customised pools

    At Australian Construction, we only utilise the best materials to build all our swimming pools.  We build durable pools, and for years, we have installed various sizes and styles. Therefore, we can undertake any project. Also, we are glad to provide expert help and suggestions to our clients.

    We work with you from the beginning. First, we visit your property to analyse the site. Second, we give you a free quote for the project. The work may involve building a new pool from scratch. Alternatively, the project might include renovating an existing pool. Third, we check your design ideas. Where necessary, we offer recommendations. Because of this, we ensure the ideal outcome.

    Our swimming pool builder in Gladstone has all the solutions you want. Therefore, we provide a well-designed swimming pool. Our competent team specialises in designing and installing tailored pools. Consequently, no matter your requirements, our skilled team ensures they deliver. The swimming pool contractor in Gladstone creates pools of various shapes. 

    For example, we provide hexagonal, rectangular, circular and more. Besides, we line the interiors using quartz or pebblecrete. So we can meet all requirements. When you work with us, you are guaranteed the seamless building of your tailored pool. More importantly, we deliver at affordable costs.

    Pebblecrete pools

    Our pebblecrete pools are a great pool selection for Gladstone clients. These pools are durable and affordable. We line these swimming pools with a bonded blend of cement and fine pebbles. After this, we apply it to the swimming pool interior. Consequently, the pool has a solid and attractive finish.

    Our pebblecrete option is affordable. We install it in new swimming pools. Moreover, we add it to existing pools giving a fashionable renovation. Do you want a pebblecrete pool? In that case, our swimming pool builder in Gladstone offers quality pebblecrete. Furthermore, we have different coloured pebble blends. 

    Because of this, we create the authentic look you desire for your pool. In addition, we give you suggestions on colour choice. After all, your surrounding landscape determines the shade. Other determining factors are the pool surroundings and your residence.

    Pebble interiors last long. Because of this, they are a popular option. Our expert team installs it fast and efficiently. More to this, pebblecrete is affordable. It refreshes old looking pools instantly.

    Furthermore, it makes a new pool more stylish. Call us today, and our expert team will give you a free quote. Also, they will determine how they can use pebblecrete to restore your old pool.


    In regard to maintenance, our swimming pool contractor in Gladstone makes your life easier. Here, we cover all the aspects for your convenience. For this reason we provide free water testing. It ensures you optimise your pool in all seasons. We have various swimming pool products. Our services ensure your pool water remains safe, clear and clean. 

    So call us today and our specialised team will gladly offer all the help they can!