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Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder

Gold Coast Swimming Pool Builder

    At Australian Construction, we provide services for you on the Gold Coast, and the result is extremely important for us. We have vast experience in building swimming pools on the Gold Coast. Our swimming pool builder on the Gold Coast knows that a swimming pool is a significant investment for family life. 

    People have different requirements; for instance, what is suitable for children may not be the best when they become teenagers. The Australian Construction designers construct in-ground pools suitable for your family’s requirements. 

    We discuss with you and guide you through all your pool’s design and construction stages. We ask you about your lifestyle, family, and work with your residence design, the space available and customise your pool.

    Concrete Pool

    Most pool firms like Australian Construction sell shelf fibreglass pools, enabling you to select from various products. The swimming pool contractor works with your available area to give you the ideal pool for your budget and lifestyle. So why opt for a concrete pool?  Are they better than shelf fibreglass pools?

    Concrete pools are best for various ground conditions and sloping blocks. If you reside near a canal or a slope, our team can engineer and design concrete pools specifically for your home.  We build concrete pools where fibreglass shells should be craned in. Most of the Gold Coast pools and its surroundings are concrete due to the particular ground conditions.

    Our 10-step pool building procedure

    Working with Australian Construction means you work closely with our team. They are responsible for designing and building your pool. Our team is on-site and accessible to you at all stages. To ensure you understand your pool’s building process, we have formulated a detailed plan to ensure we have answered any queries you have.

    1.  Design

    • Our Australian Construction team visits your home and provides you with a no-obligation quote. After this, we give you an in-depth explanation of all the products and options available to ensure your satisfaction with the end product.
    • We then create a customised quote to meet your budget and requirements.

    2.  Approvals

    • We obtain OBCC insurance, approvals and plans, and we lock in your construction’s start date. 

    3.   Construct

    • We schedule excavation works and begin your pool’s construction process.
    • The steel and box formwork procedure mainly takes a few days as your complete steel covered swimming pool takes form.
    • The swimming pool builder we have in Gold Coast then uses the concrete spray and a concrete shell is available in your backyard.
    • We then run plumbing pipes and install your new superior filtration system in your backyard.
    • Within 2-3 weeks after installing your pool shell, our team completes your tiling, getting ready to begin your surrounding projects—it includes concrete, timber decks and fencing installation.

    Now that the fence is certified, the Australian Construction skilled team installs your pool’s interior, fills and commissions your pool. We give you a handover lesson on your new pool’s functioning.

    Freeform Pools from best pools

    A freeform pool is wonderful if you want to make your garden more interesting with a pool. Australian Construction designs these pools to give you improved flow and comfortable everyday use. Freeform pools are similar to natural ponds and lakes, giving you lovely scenery, and they are fun to use.

    They are wonderful for homes with unique backyard spaces and a more natural flow if this is your pool preference. At Australian Construction, we provide a variety of pool designs suitable for your lifestyle and home. Call us today to find out about our Gold Coast freeform pools.

    Different designs of Freeform Pool Designs

    We present freeform pool options with flowing, curved lines, providing function and style with unsurpassed flexibility. Our experienced team fits a freeform design around any backyard, giving you and your family a lovely pool throughout the year.

    Our expert pool builders in Gold Coast handle the procedure from beginning to end, which involves design and installation. A swimming pool builder in the Gold Coast provides various features and finishes that match your desired appearance perfectly.

    Do you want a durable, flexible, designed pool at a cost-effective price? Then the freeform pool is best for you. 

    Concrete pools in Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast is popular for its lovely sun-filled days, and nothing beats relaxing and cooling off in your swimming pool! At Australian Construction, we provide and install a wide range of concrete pools all through the Gold Coast.  Our pool builders are experts in designing, building and installing lovely and breathtaking concrete pools in Gold Coast residences.

    A swimming pool builder has a wide variety of designs and styles such as water slides, concrete caves and freeform pools. We have something for everyone! 

    We are specialists in swimming pools, and our team helps our customers at each stage of the pool construction stage. Australian Construction works jointly with you to build a lovely pool for you for years to come.

    Browse our various concrete pool designs or call our specialists today to discuss our swimming pool options.

    Freeform Concrete Pools

    Our competent designs freeform concrete pools to form a natural-looking form and feel. Our freeform concrete pools have an unusual style and shape. Their design is highly flexible, and their free-flowing lines and curves are outstanding. We can install them to fit any backyard.

    These pools are ideal for resting on hot summer days or entertaining visitors, and they look beautiful with waterfall and rock features designed to look like a natural lake, oasis or pond. We create the ideal pool using various finishes and features suitable for your home’s style. If you want a more flexible design, choose the freeform pool.


    Australian Construction‘s years of experience in the sector makes us a reliable team of qualified builders, designers and engineers. We provide fashionable, superior-quality pools for all applications. An insured and licensed swimming pool is a must-have for you!

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