Efficient And Reliable Swimming Pool Builder In Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Swimming Pool Builder

Hervey Bay Swimming Pool Builder

    You might wish to enhance your existing pool or build a new one. In that case, Australian Construction can help you create your vision. We have trained specialists and advanced construction materials. Moreover our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay uses experience and product knowledge.

    We provide various services. For example, we offer pool construction, pool design and refurbishments. Australian Construction builds outdoor pools, spa pools and indoor pools. In addition, we construct residential inground concrete pools. Moreover, we offer commercial pools, including school pools. 

    Pool design

    Our swimming pool contractor in Hervey Bay specialises in concrete pool design. So we build the pool you dream of. Also, we guarantee quality artistry for your custom swimming pool project. Our company has various custom pool design selections. Because of this, we design and build a backyard pool. It includes lap pools, infinity edge and spas.

    Limitless pool designs

    Australian Construction decorates and adds attractive value and originality to the surrounding near your pool. Given this, we include:

    • Filtration
    • Pebble finishes
    • Purification systems
    • Water heating
    • Landscaping
    • Water features
    • Fire features
    • Pool decking
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Weirs
    • Underwater lighting

    We give our clients a top priority. Because of this, we endeavour to implement your designs. Our team pays attention to detail. Moreover, they use structural integrity and craftsmanship. As a result, they offer superior quality industry standards.


    The Australian Construction polished option offers you a smooth, silky finish. We utilise diamond polishers one day after we plaster. Consequently, it gives it a sleek finish making the plaster bright. This finish is understated. Therefore glass and stone are not very visible.

    Our polished option will give you a silky, smooth finish. We use diamond polishers the day after we plaster to give it a sleek finish and bring the plaster to life. You will not see as much glass and stone in this more understated finish.


    Our swimming pool contractor uses high-pressure water blasters then exposes the honed finish the following day. After this, we cut back using diamond polishers. We expose every glass and stone; hence, all the bright coloured pebble and glass remain noticeable. However, it is silky smooth to touch.

    Pool extras

    We specialise in inground concrete swimming pools. Our skilled team delivers whatever you visualise. More importantly, we promise you quality in our work. Australian Construction provides filtration and pebble finishes. Also, we offer underwater decking, poolside landscaping and outdoor kitchens.

    ​Pool renovations

    Our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay specialises in pool restoration and renovation. We transform your old pool into a stunning one. Additionally, we give you top quality. Coupled with pool construction, we offer additional accessories. We provide accessories that include heating, lighting, weirs and infinity edge. It makes your pool surroundings look elaborate. 

    Spa pools

    We provide spa pools to give you the pool you want. Our swimming pool builder in Hervey Bay custom designs your pool. For this reason, you get an attractive concrete spa pool that suits your lifestyle. Not only do we offer pool building but also more accessories and services. So we decorate your pool environment using outdoor living decorations. In addition, we use pool surround landscaping. We also use shot Crete projects for enhancing your pool area.

    Fibreglass pools

    Australian Construction offers fibreglass pools to our clients in Hervey Bay. These swimming pools are famous for their unique quality. Moreover, they are durable because we use the original ceramic core technology. It also has a unique self-cleaning method with all our fibreglass pool designs. You can choose lovely shining bi-laminate colours. Additionally, these pools have hydrostatic protection from harsh weather.


    Australian Construction has built and serviced pools for years. Due to this, we are familiar with many pool brands. We are proud of our work quality. Our competent team helps you with maintenance services also. We offer you the pool spa or swimming pools combinations to suit all types of backyard pools.

    We look forward to providing you with the best swimming pool in Hervey Bay!