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    Australian Construction aims to give our customers the pool of their dreams. Our swimming pool contractor in Hobart works with the sector’s top manufacturers. Moreover, they design the perfect service accordingly. More importantly, we consider the client’s budget, demands and needs.

    We aim to give you more swimming time by decreasing your worries. Our company has the professionals and resources. Additionally, we have the technology. Because of this, we offer top-notch, reliable and cost-effective swimming pool and spas. Our licensed pool technicians all receive continuous training, and as a result, we offer you quick services of top standards.

    Our services

    Do you want a concrete swimming pool? Or do you long for a fibreglass pool? Notwithstanding, we can deliver! We are the most trusted name in Australia regarding pool renovations and building. Our swimming pool contractor in Hobart provides in-ground fibreglass pools. Furthermore, we consider the numerous entertainment hours. 

    Additionally, we ensure they are highly efficient for you. Because of this, we only work with top-rated manufacturers and dealers. Besides, we use top-notch technology. As a result, we build the best fibreglass pool depending on your needs. The Australian Construction fibreglass pools are environmentally friendly.

    In addition, these pools are affordable and highly durable. For this reason, they are the ideal option for anyone who wants to build a swimming pool in Hobart. Working with our swimming pool builders in Hobart guarantees you a luxurious pool. Also, it is not only superior quality but also sophisticated. Therefore do not hesitate anymore. Call us for a rejuvenating pool today!

    Custom pools

    Do you dream of an exceptional pool or one you have seen in a celebrity’s home? Or perhaps you long for a swimming pool you saw in a resort. Maybe you have a steep site with an unusual shape or is hard to access. Under these circumstances, we build inviting and stylish custom pools. 

    These pools improve your property and lifestyle. Our swimming pool builder in Hobart has built superior custom pools and spas all over Hobart for years. We have built these pools in areas considered impossible by many other pool firms. Our expert team designs unique and superior quality concrete pools. 

    In addition, we create bespoke concrete pools according to our customer’s specific needs. We provide quality and uniqueness. In light of this, we customise our pool designs and installations. The swimming pool builder in Hobart is a professional. For this reason, we optimise any site. 

    We can turn a challenging sight into an attractive area. To this end, we offer resort-style and free-form designs to present a stunning, exceptional installation. For example, for a multi-level garden, we build a raised pool. Also, it features a remarkable stack stonewall. It doubles as a pool fence and design feature. Its next level has a spa and a cascading water feature.

    Quality services

    Australian Construction combines pool construction and design with government regulations knowledge. Because of this, you are at peace because your pool will look great. In addition, we will build it to top standards, and it will be fully compliant.

    Our swimming pool contractor uses top quality concrete. Because of this, we guarantee strength and durability for all our spas and swimming pools. We carry out the hard work to enable you to enjoy the fun part, that is, choosing the appearance of your pool.


    Australian Construction has an expert team, and we design and build lovely, low maintenance and structurally strong products. It includes in-ground pools and spas with landscaped surroundings. Our swimming pool builder in Hobart has vast experience in constructing innovative custom pools and spas. Also, we build the newest styles in plunge pools and family pools. We also offer lap pools, wet-edge pools or free form pools. 

    Call us today, and we will deliver the perfect swimming pool to meet your needs!