Your Expert Swimming Pool Builder In Melton

Melton Swimming Pool Builder

Melton Swimming Pool Builder

    The Australian Construction team of technicians and designers enhance your unattractive, old backyard pool. Moreover, we transform it entirely depending on your needs. Our swimming pool builder in Melton works with you from start to finish. Consequently, we deliver your ideal pool.

    We construct custom pools for you. Furthermore, we have a skilled team and the latest technology. Because of this, you can expect superior artistry. In addition, we deliver a stunning pool that lasts for years. We offer timely and affordable installations and repairs. As a result, your pools operate in their top condition. Our professionals are licensed and certified. Therefore you have peace of mind.

    Pool installation

    The Australian Construction team of pool installers is experienced. Due to this, we have built pools throughout Melton. Besides, we help by advising you about our landscaping options. For example, we provide water features, fencing, sun ledges and more. We have various fibreglass pools. So you can pick the ideal pool for your home.

    One benefit of fibreglass pools is installing them is much simpler than concrete pools. For this reason, stress and expenses are reduced. Our friendly team helps you through the entire procedure. Eventually, you enjoy swimming in your new pool in no time. Installing your pool can be a wonderful experience. 

    The Australian Construction office staff and pool managers are capable. Therefore they make your project run painlessly and smoothly. We plan each particular job thoroughly before starting any work. Our swimming pool contractor in Melton discusses all contingencies and details with you. We appreciate you want to remain informed.  Given this, we always communicate with you all through the project.

    Pool building

    Do you want a backyard swimming pool? In that case, our swimming pool contractor in Melton can help. Now is the ideal time to give your family a swimming pool. We have fibreglass and inground concrete pools for our Melton clients.

    In light of this, we offer the following range of pools:

    The swimming pool builder in Melton designs a lovely and functional pool. Also, these pools are affordable and give you a ‘wow factor.  Consequently, the value of your home increases.

    Fibreglass swimming pools

    Nowadays, most of the in-ground pools we build in Australia are fibreglass pools. We carry out most of the building work offsite in the factory. For this reason, we complete fibreglass pools fast. Installing a standard fibreglass pool mainly takes one or two weeks. 

    However, installing concrete pools mainly takes several weeks or months to complete. Our fibreglass pools need minimal monthly care. These pools rarely need resurfacing. 

    In addition, fibreglass pools look lovely. The reason for this is their sparkling and dazzling finishes, which glimmer in the sun. For a cheaper option, you can choose a ready-made design. It hastens the construction time. On the other hand, you may prefer a tailored solution.

    Concrete swimming pools

    We build concrete pools according to any design of your choice. Our competent team undertakes the complete design & build of your concrete pool onsite. More importantly, we follow your precise specifications and provide designs that match your area. It takes longer to build concrete pools, two to six months.

    Pool landscaping and backyard swimming pool design

    The Australian Construction landscaping team can change your outdoor area. Call us today if you want us to design and manufacture the following:


    At Australian Construction, we offer our clients the ideal timeless pool. These pools not only make your property more valuable but also promote sustainable practices. We are a pool builder and pool shop. Also, we have mobile service technicians, and we go the extra mile for you. We have full in-house facilities as well. 

    Therefore, do not look beyond our swimming our builder in Melton.