The Most Experienced Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

Newcastle Swimming Pool Builder

    The Australian team of technicians and designers can enhance your unattractive, old backyard pool and change it entirely depending on your needs. In all construction stages, that is, conception, drafting and finalisation, our swimming pool builder in Newcastle follows your lead and works to give you the pool you have always dreamt of!

    Where custom pools are concerned, Australian Construction is available for you. Using our newest technology and professional team, we guarantee you superior quality and a finalised project that will make heads turn for years!

    Get superior, timely and cost-effective repairs and installations from Australian Construction and maintain your pools’ efficient running. Our licensed and certified professionals handle all the work for you efficiently, and you do not need to worry about anything!

    Swimming pool refurbishment

    Do you have an old, tired and unusable swimming pool? Australian Construction has refurbished such pools for years. We work on old-fashioned pools and make them elegant.  We always ensure it blends nicely with your surroundings and fulfils your brief perfectly. 

    When you hire a swimming pool builder in Newcastle our team carries out a comprehensive site assessment and considers all your desires. Our professional team gives you exciting ideas! We have specially trained installers who establish whether your existing pool is heated, energy-efficient and structurally sound. They also devise methods of ensuring that running your pool is more comfortable and less costly.

    Australian Construction redesigns your pool to match your budget, needs and style, giving you total support and committed contact throughout all stages of the procedure. After we complete refurbishing your pool, we don’t leave the maintenance work to you; we give you a suitable service package.

    Rectangular Pools and their benefits

    Olympic pools are mainly rectangular because they comprise wide-open swim lanes giving more area for swimming. A rectangular swimming pool provides an endless stretch of water, making it ideal for lap swimming. Most people install a swimming pool in their backyards for workout purposes. With Australian Construction rectangular pools, you can swim laps in your home to enhance your fitness and health. 

    Rectangular pools are more suitable with automatic pool covers. Our builder can install it together with your new pool. Using a pool cover prevents leaves, dirt and debris from falling inside your pool. It helps to maintain cleanliness in your pool, and you reduce the effort and time required to clean and maintain your pool. The stains are fewer, and you use fewer cleaning chemicals, which is terrific for your environment and the family.

    Whether you want fibreglass, vinyl or gunite, our Australian Construction team will quickly build and install your rectangular pools. They are more affordable than other shapes, and since we can create them faster than others, you save money and time. If you use vinyl liners, you will note that rectangular pools line up better than other freeform designs. Our fibreglass pools are customised, and building the rectangular pool is more straightforward and practical.

    About The Lap Pool

    Australian Construction swimming pool designs consist of a big width entry. Our skilled team positions an exit set of steps at the pool centre, sunk far from the swimming lane. The swimming pool builder team we have in Newcastle is an expert when it comes to walking laps and installing on your site’s narrow areas. We use the lighting cleverly, providing an excellent background to your home décor.

    Our Courtyard Pool is 4.6m long, and we design it for workout swimming against strong jets of water. It also works as a plunge pool during summer days when it’s hot. The blend of ample seating and centred steps gives you the ideal setting for sitting and resting.

    The Swim Spa

    Our Swim Spa is ideal if you want to swim and relax as well. The two sides of the entry provide ample space, and our expert team designs it with spa options considerations like an airbed, spa jets, swim jets and heating. Their deep end features 1.5m depths, and this Swim Spa has extraordinary depth if you want to dive in and have optimal fun. 

    Our Newcastle swimming pool builder will change your way of life and create the ideal relaxing area for you after a tiring day.

    The Spas

    Unwind, luxuriate and relax in one of the Australian Construction squares, oval or horseshoe spas.  Shut your eyes and allow the jets of warm water and soothing bubbles to soothe all your cares away! The square, oval and horseshoe are all available in two models. Our professional team designs them with a nice over-flow opening.  We build this spa at your swimming pool end and the water flows into your pool, forming remarkable effects.  

    Alternatively, we can install so that the overflow runs inside an artificial feature or stream. If your property is small in size, the swimming pool contractor installs one of our four spa designs. We have nine colours you can choose from to give you a relaxing effect. Please note that all our spas are available with an optional spillway or without one.


    Swimming provides an effective way of staying healthy while having a lot of fun. A swimming pool makes your home more exciting. You can spend your summer afternoons playing in the pool with your children, or rest next to the pool to rejuvenate after a tiring day.  

    Whatever the case, a swimming pool is a beautiful addition to your residence. Invest in one of Australia Construction swimming pool range. It will not only attract more visitors to your home but also increase the value of your property. 

    We are proud of the service and communication level we provide to our clients and our team has a hand-on approach from start to finish of the project. 

    From conception to designing, council approval to building, we complete your dream pool and the outdoor living area, giving you confidence and certainty that you have picked the appropriate team for your swimming pool project.

      Call us today, and we will be happy to provide you with one of our superb range of swimming pools.