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Perth Swimming Pool Builder

Perth Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction is proud to offer personal service, competitive pricing, uncompromising quality and unsurpassed value for money in all the aspects of construction and design.  We have a team of expert pool builders who use top quality building materials, equipment and techniques. First, our swimming pool builder in Perth meets with you and listens carefully to your requirements and ideas.

    We work with you to build the pool scape and pool environment you dream about. Australian Construction provides you with the full package; inspecting the site, inhouse outlined working drawings, 3D computer formulated design, landscaping, construction and superior accessories

    Fibreglass Lap Pools

    The Australian Construction variety of fibreglass Lap pools is the embodiment of luxury, and we build them with this in mind. If you value fitness, the swimming pool contractor in Perth will provide you with an elegant fibreglass Lap pool. Our team of expert pool builders designs them to be elegant and practical, and they are the ideal choice if your block is narrow. They have a long, slim shape, making them an attractive feature for your backyard. Their geometric angles are breathtaking!

    We have a variety of lap pools created for passionate swimmers who want an uninterrupted water stretch to enhance their fitness levels. In addition to being ideal for zealous swimmers who wish to improve their technique and times, they are ideal for introducing your kid to swimming. With our lap pool, they can improve their confidence with shorter widths instead of lengths. 

    The Australian Construction biggest lap pool range is 12m long. If you want to begin or end the day with a relaxing swim in the pool, the 12m are ideal for you.  We have several lap pool designs in our different ranges such as a 12m lap pool and an 8m lap pool.

    Our competent team can fit all these lap pools with optional spa jets. Due to their size, the Australian Construction lap pools are lovely if you wish to enjoy yourself in the pool with fun games like Aqua Volleyball or Marco Polo.

    Considerations when purchasing a Lap Pool

    • Ask yourself whether the sun will stream down on spaces you want it to. Will buildings or trees shade obstruct your pool? 
    • Keep in mind that shade is essential for you to protect yourself from the sun when it’s too scorching.
    • Ensure the spot you pick for your pool is not in an excessively windy area. Get a windbreak to solve this.
    • Check any vegetation, and if any shrubs or trees are overhanging in the pool area, many leaves may fall straight into the pool surrounding, and you need to clear them. 
    • If children will use the pool, ensure you supervise them adequately and you can see them from your home.

    Custom Pool Designs

    If you buy pools whose design has not considered you and your loved ones you can buy something unsatisfactory. At Australian Construction, we aim to give you pools that meet your aesthetic needs and are also safe and functional for the whole family.

    Our team also goes through all the factors like your design choices, budget, advantages and disadvantages. It gives us a comprehensive understanding of your requirements, enabling us to deliver contemporary modern pool designs.

    Concrete Pool Designs (end to end)

    Before we discuss and plan your pool landscape design, it will be essential for us to have your home’s accurate and scaled plan that includes sewer locations, boundaries, above-ground barriers and soak wells.

    During this stage, the swimming pool builder in Perth can make the required changes for you and involve you directly in your pool’s size and shape.

    At this stage of your pool design process, consider the following:

    • Visibility:  From your home’s interior, we assess the location of your pool and how visible it is from specific angles and areas near your home. It will also help in guiding our designers on the ideal pool shape.
    • Heating and location: If we build your pool in a shaded space of your garden, you need to consider heating options for maintaining perfect water temperature. But, if the pool will be situated in full sun the water will be warmer.
    • Traffic Flow and Safety:  Australian Construction avoids placing steps and seats at swimming lanes end to avoid possible accidents. We also consider areas of human traffic near your pool. It determines where we place steps, gates, fences and steps. 
    • We also consider the space where your dogs roam and the lawn areas where your children will play on. Our team also considers gardens, paved areas, fencing and retaining walls, and where we will place your filtration equipment.

    If you are happy with the pool shape and design, we discuss the specification and preparation. A swimming pool builder in Perth interviews you for about two hours, and we talk about the following:

    • We consider the pool depth and width of the deep and shallow ends. For homes with children, we advise measuring their heights when sitting and standing to determine the swimming pool depth.
    • The floor shape is essential. With concrete pools, our team designs and shapes the floor to suit your specifications. It means that your swimming pool floor can have one depth and we even incorporate a diving bowl or a slope.

    Particulars like steps for sitting on while sipping a drink, play areas, etc. are crucial considerations.

    • Setting of the skimmer box filtration mechanism as well as pool water returns.
    • We retain water features, walls, air blowers, paving spa jets, and sterilisation.

    After you have agreed to all the above factors, we draw up detailed outlines of your swimming pool design and submit them to an expert engineer for concrete and steel specification. It is also our responsibility to present the same specifications to your pool and government builder.


    Australian Construction has years of experience in the swimming pool service industry. Our staff has comprehensive awareness of pool equipment and services. We are proud to offer you unique services, and this has ranked us top among Adelaide’s pool servicing companies.

      Call us today and we guarantee you an enjoyable swimming experience in one of our exceptional pools!