Superb Swimming Pool Builder In Rockhampton

Rockhampton Swimming Pool Builder

Rockhampton Swimming Pool Builder

    Australian Construction has designed, built and installed quality pools. Moreover, our pools are awe-inspiring. We have restored old pools to spectacular new ones in hotels. Because of this, the hotels generate more profits. More importantly, our swimming pool builder in Rockhampton provides highly customisable pools.

    Also, our pools are available in many sizes, shapes and configurations. Because of this, they accommodate quick-bolted or all-welded pool buildings. Additionally, we build pools on budget and on time. Also, our expert team builds these pools correctly the first time.

    Our quality services

    Your swimming pool equipment is vital. It ensures your swimming pool functions properly. Australian Construction’s qualified service technicians replace and repair all types of equipment. For example, we repair and replace:

    • Filters
    • Cleaners
    • Motors
    • Pumps
    • Computerised systems
    • Salt systems
    • Automatic pool sweeps
    • Chlorinators
    • Heaters
    • Automatic pool sweeps and more

    Major manufacturers have certified our technicians.

    Enhancing swimming pools

    Do you have space constraints? Or does your design require us to install the pool on a roof or above ground? Under these circumstances, the solution is our stainless steel elevated pool. The swimming pool contractor in Rockhampton offers rooftop and elevated rooftop pools. 

    These pools have modular, quick ‘all-climate- build. Because of this, it moves with the buttress and building systems propping the pool decking. The Australian Construction elevated pool offers major savings. In addition, it reduces construction time. Your construction timeframe might be tight. 

    Therefore we ship your elevated swimming pool in a single piece. Alternatively, we ship it in multiple sections or build it on-site. When we move the pool to the roof, it gives you a feeling of openness. At the same time, it does not use up valuable space on the ground.

    Do you require a spa or pool on various floors of a condominium or high-rise? We design pools to fit any area available. You may wish to include a multi-purpose leisure pool for visitors. For this reason, the swimming pool builder in Rockhampton designs pools using various seating and depth changes. Additionally, we use stairs and spas within the pool. Because of this, it forms a unique atmosphere.

    Aquatic recreation pools

    Australian Construction builds and installs full stainless pool systems. These pools are suitable for challenging aquatic recreation surroundings like wet playgrounds and a wave pool. Besides, it is suitable for water park attractions.

    Our swimming pool builder has undertaken numerous pool projects. Moreover, we have provided pools for municipal, community and public aquatic facilities. It is challenging to build activity pools featuring waterfalls, slides and splash areas. 

    For this reason, we provide special design solutions for wave pools with stormy weather conditions. We specially design spray grounds and wet playgrounds with fountains. Also, we use geysers and fountains. Therefore, they offer safe and interactive play.

    Specialty pools

    We use more creativity, flexibility or structural knowledge when designing a special pool. For this reason, we offer full design services for today’s unique facilities. Furthermore, we provide complete pool systems for complex aquatic surroundings—for instance, environments like water playgrounds and health facilities. In addition, we provide these pools for areas like therapy pools and whirlpools.


    Our swimming pool contractor in Rockhampton ensures that all our water features and pools comply with local regulations. Besides, our products comply with federal and state regulations. Our professional team is available from the start of the project to the end. 

    We use professionalism and quality materials for our work. Also, we have excellent management skills and engineering knowledge. As a result, we offer quality craftsmanship. Throughout the project, we use superior artistry.

    Call us for an exceptional swimming pool building today!